The Seventh Cohort of my Norns

Generation 197
1212 - Xiao 
Her name is mandarin for "Heavenly"
I found that she has a mutation in a brainlobe that seems to make it hard for her to make decisions.
Her General Sensory lobe doesn't kick in until she is a child, so when the game crashed I boosted her age, and she seems okay for now...
Update: she does flinch an awful lot and gets stuck in that position, but she is maintaining her health unaided.
Pictures 3 & 4 are her with Voof, I notice she is often unreactive with other norns.
1213 - Xibit  
He had six kids by two mates, unusually he had five by Wensica.
I exported him ay 13 hours so I could start a new world.
1214 - Xayden 
In the second photo is Vibha
1215 - Xuttah 
She is named after a world in the Dune series.
1218 - Xo

Was unlaid when it's mum Wallach died