The Seventh Cohort of my Norns

Generation 174
1093 - AbretUnfortunately these norns were lost when I had to format my hardrive, so I recloned generation 173 to begin afresh
1095 - Aorta
1097 - Bohbi
1098 - Aspen
1099 - Alla
1100 - Arbori
1101 - Arci
1102 - Arvah
1103 - Atono   

He is a blond norn, he was still a child at ten hours old. He is a son of Mooki, but not a Daybreak norn. His ageing seems to decay slowly, and his "become youth" receptor is insensitive.

He also gets starch from resting.
I'm thinking of him as a Perpetual norn, ever young and needing no food.

After further study and he eventually aged to become adolescent by 28 hours, and lived as an infertile adult until beyond 90 hours!

The sixth picture is of him in Zeruko with Dracula during playtesting.
It seems his father moniker is corrupt, which makes me think there might be an error in his file. He has no obvious reason not to age or become fertile.
I found ANOTHER mutation, this time a potentially fatal mutation, he makes antibody 5 in reponse to antigen 7, meaning he has no useful response to antigen 5.
So I innoculated him using BORG.
Luckily he is sterile and it came from his mum Mooki, who got it from her father Nigel.
1st February 2022: He has finally reached 100 hours, my first norn to do so. He has lived until seeing another 23 generations go by, and is still going strong!
He's now at 179 hours old and has lived to see his entire cohort, and the start of the next.
I installed Complete Santa norns, so he now looks like a Santa :)
1104 - Anselm   
1107 - Astrid   
1108 - Alethea      
1113 - Arundatti