The Seventh Cohort of my Norns

Generation 194
1196 - Uvula 
She is at 18% health in the download, so be careful with her.
1197 - Unspect
Third child of Onota, grandson of Atono, great-grandson of Mooki and gggrandson of Dawn.
He was fully unexpected as Onota had already died before he hatched! Hence the name.
1198 - Urana 
Named after Uranus
1199 - Unity
Daughter of Togan and Serena
1200 - Umna  
Full sister to Unity, she is pregnant in the first download. She is still doing well at 19 hours and is still fertile!
1201 - Usta

Died very young due to a mutation breaking down glycogen into 2 glucose rather than 3, which tore through her energy stores quickly.
1202 - Usul
Named after a character in the Dune series