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Contact + Comment
  Feel free to email me with feedback of any kind -
mistakes, suggestions, questions, complaints, requests, additions, ideas, broken links:
kenny ken kenwright at gmail dot com
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My guestbook was found by the dreaded spambots, and I cannot access it to remove the spam, so I've deleted it for now.
I am available on Creatures Caves as well as by the email above, so please send feedback there.


I also now have a blog, so you could send comments there, but I am just getting used to it, so expect set back!


I do have other online presences, but those are not for Creatures related contact.
Unless we already know each other, please introduce yourself if you stumble across one of them,
preferably with a photo of your face, or expect a delay in my reply.


There are several great forums and chat rooms for the community including:



There are also several Creatures themed Discord Servers you can join

 I frequent all of them, especially Creatures Caves, but the best way to contact me is via email