Miscellaneous Cobs

These are cobs of varied types, a large number of which are tools.

Picture Cob Date Description
Albian Lift ScriptsApril
So I ended up with a blankish world with no lift scripts, so this is just the original Lift Scripts for Albia in cob format.

Super Norn cloner now uses Rainbow Feliz Genome

See below for main image

Icons v2February
This beauty is a combination of:
Norn Cloner (uses Rainbow Feliz)
Map Locator / Teleporter
Plus a series of Icons:
1) Sex-determining and pregnancy test
2) Gather all eggs & unpauses them
3-6) Teleport entire species for schooling
7-9) Toggle Creature spawners on or off
10) Create destructable backdrop
11) Toggle ruler on or off
12) Toggle XY Locator on or off
The cob also installs Infinite Scroll

Killing CobsNovember
This is a pack of cobs for when your creatures are just too numerous and you need to clear the decks quickly.
There are specific cobs for each species, and an all purpose one.
See below for imageIcons v1.2
This beauty is a combination of:
Map Locator 2
School Time Callers
Plus two more Icons, one for sex-determining and pregnancy test, and another to gather all eggs in the kitchen area.

v1.1 adds my Norn Cloner
A future update will allow turning off or on of creature spawners

v1.2 updates the egg icon to unpause paused eggs


During Project Arcadia I made a compilation of statue cobs to make it easier to install them:

Aphrodite by Brood (Chris Aliotta)
Hercules by me (Muppetboy)
Laokoon by Alexander Laemmle
Magical Mask by Stefan Kuske
Sappho by
Mokus (Martha Brummett)

Images to left are not all to scale
Remover Pack March
This is a compilation of remover cobs.

Machine Remover will remove:
Computer, Projector, Radio, Pianola & Jukebox

Genocide Cob will kill all Creatures currently in the world, be very careful using it.

Egg Remover will destroy any creature eggs in the world.
School Time Callers March
This is a major update for the School Time cob, it adds four icons , which when clicked bring all members of that species to the basement below the kitchen.

This makes it easy to teach them from the Encyclopedia Nornica, or it's variants.

Be warned that any creature in a lift or mover might  be still moving once teleported. You can grab them from the air if you have cheats installed.
Creatures + Update 1.1 June
A combination of the following update cobs:

Grendel Friendly - Kinnison
Grendel Machine Changer - Kinnison
Still Alteration - Girly Satan
Submarine SWS Patch - Cyberlife
Elevator Fix - Moogie
Black hole Patch - Slink
Cabinet Shelf - Casey Coco
Garden Shelf - Bibble
Hootch Shelf and Kitchen Table - Mark Boehler
Female Fluffy Norn Neck Fix - Lis Morris
Male PMN Ear Fix - Norn Girl
Bed time Bear Fix; & Human Hand - Freya

*Back up files before replacing*

May 2020 - fixed error in script
School Time
Teleports all creatures to the basement so you can educate them using Encomputer Nornica.

Also comes in a targeted version for sending only the current norn to school.

Undertaker v2 May
This will alleviate nearby troubled creatures, then remove the body of the deceased. Updated to work for all species.
Tidy up Albian Tidy Up May
A simple cob that collects all hooch and honey pots and puts them back by the distillery and hives respectively. It will also tidy up beer glasses by Steve Dismukes, if you have any.
Ruler v2
Ruler v2
This is an updated version of Slink's Ruler.
When installed it removes other rulers. When dropped it switches between horizontal and vertical angles.
There is also a timer script to remove the object after a few minutes. Finally the ruler has been increased in length to 400 pixels and small spikes added along it for easier measuring.
See below for image Map Locator v3 August
Version 3 is much larger, so has been moved to the upper part of the windmill. It also shows creatures with health of less than 55% as darker symbols.
Map Locator 3
map_loc.gif (7990 bytes)Map Locator v1

Version 2

This swanky cob keeps track of all creatures and eggs in your world, it also doubles up as a quick teleporter for the hand. A second cob replaces it with a version that scans for edible stuff instead.
It is based on Brad Fermaich's Albian Map cob

Version 2 also detects pregnancy and shows pregnant creatures with dots in them.
Encomputer Nornica v2 January
Been a while since I've played Creatures or made any cobs but here are three gems. The Encyclopedia Nornica is a replacement for the Enc Kenny. Version 2 uses the sprites from Enc Kenny. it has an automatic mode as well as choice for selecting individual modes of nouns etc. Compatible with the Renamer cob 


Encomputer Nornica


Encyclopedia Kenny v5


(v5 is November 2021)
My version of Slink's Encyclopedia Nornica. Here follows a list of alterations from the original:

Norns cannot torment you by re-activating books other than the one you want them to learn. Each book triggers the next one when it finishes, so you can leave creatures learning without supervision. The sprites have been edited, the books are compressed to four and rendered immobile.

The words are arranged by type. Some words have been replaced with the ones I use, such as "call" instead of "red" for the call button. It has the addition of three new words, "shee" and "ettin" so you can teach the names of these species. The third new word is "flag", which along with the replacing of "relax" with "clock" make the new vocabulary compatible with the changes brought about by the Renamer

Version 5 changes a few words and adds debugging notes.



Toy Pack


March 2022
This installs a bunch of toys in the kitchen area! Uses the following cobs:
Helicopter, Bedtime Bear, Jack in the Box, Ball, Spinning Top & Robot by Cyberlife

Feather by Daniel Smallman
Norn Doll by LummoxJR
Bubble Wand by Mark Boehler
Clockwork Mouse by Stefan Kuske

Eye Ball, Penguin & Toy Hand by Steerpike
Freya's Bedtime bear sprite update
Note that the Toy Hand has updated sprites so that it is distinguishable from the user's cursor.
v1.1 Update:
Fixed an error in the Bubble Wand
Added missing wave files
Also added a Readme file
Functional Forcefield
Functional Forcefield August
I've been sick of the old force field for a while, and after tinkering with with cob on and off for months I've finally come up trumps. It uses sprites edited from C2 and uses only a single object so does not have the annoying effect of leaving behind forcefield bars, best of all it works even if a norn runs at it full pelt!
Hider- Mover Hider August
Makes all natural movers (the cable car, two rafts, submarine and the cart) lifts, call buttons and teleporters invisible to norns and grendels, making keeping them in place easier. The remover makes them visible again. Remember that although they cannot see these things, they can still ride in them. IMPORTANT - do not install (or remove) the cob more than once in a row or it will malfunction.
renamer Renamer 2

Helps norns to differentiate between foods by placing cheese, honey,  carrots and lemons in separate categories so you can name them different things.
renamer Renamer June
Reclassifies the shower as "water", so that the clocks can be named "clock". Also makes the ocean waves and the drips of water visible. It puts the three sets of flags into a new family of objects, and reclassifies the flames in the temple and the smoke as "fire".
visiblewater.gif (1614 bytes) Visible Water June
I made this cob as an experiment to see how norns name objects. This proves that all objects of family 2, genus 3, are all named the same as the waterfall. This includes the flags and flames as well as the ocean waves.
Note: this might be incompatible with the following  3rd party cobs:
Joke Book, Grendel Guard, Rain Storm & Balloon.
visible Lazarus Creature Scanner May
Scans all your norns, detects pregnancy, diseases, toxins, death, low health and makes the norn say the results. Named as such as I was trying to make a cob that would bring norns back to life - without success I might add. The remover makes the norn say its most pressing need.

Note that as this works on all norns, living or dead, it can be used as an autopsy device.

remover Functional Universal Remover May
After discovering the Universal Remover made by someone else did not always work properly, I created this streamlined version. It will remove any object that has been picked up using shift-click in cheat mode. Do not try to use to delete objects picked up using right-click!!!
mover Neo World Object Mover May
This cob is to move some objects around Albia to places where they are more useful or not in the way. Similar results from using the Neo World sfc.
Export Grendel, Ettin & Sheeges.jpg (6070 bytes) Exotic Species
(pack of six cobs)
A set of exporters and selectors for Ettins, Shee and Grendels.

Four of them were made by me, the other two by Lee Gaiteri and Bean.
remover Removers April/May
Removers for:
The Incubator - it has been rendered unneccessary since the invention of the Egg Unpauser cob and smilar

The Computer - outdated by various teaching cobs

The Chimney Smoke - because it clutters up the area and distracts norns.
remover bee2.gif (927 bytes) Excess Bee remover April/May
I found that, after the updated hives have been activated a few times by over-zealous norns, the world becomes full of dangerous swarms of bees. This cob slays them all - but leaving the hives still capable of producing more.