Objects, Patches & Tools


Picture Cob Creator Description
Drive Computer Doringo This new computer teaches nearby creatures all drive words.
Inspired by the Creatures 2 drive-teaching computer.
It is installed in the Temple basement.
Noun Computer This new computer teaches nearby creatures noun words.
It is installed on the rope bridge above the Temple.
-Population 24 Norns
Sandra Linkletter (Slink) This cob allows you to have up to 24 norns in your world.
It updates the incubator and mating scripts, so that both still function until there are 24 norns in the world.
It also allows ettins, shee and grendels to breed.
The remover reverts the limit to 12 norns.
balloon.gif (12511 bytes) Balloon An excellent transporter, the sprites were created by Cyberlife, but never used in the released game.
-Black Hole Fixer
Black hole Fixer Fixes glitches in the game's ocean rooms that otherwise allow objects to drop out of existence.
selector.gif (5415 bytes) Creature Selector Panel A device to allow you to select Ettins, Grendels and Shee easily

This is the Darwinia version based on Slink's original.
ground_level.gif (1120 bytes) Ground Level Meter Editing tool, allows you to measure room coordinates .
call.gif (1642 bytes) Multiple Grendel Button This button selects grendels at random.
-Rooms Meter Rooms Meter Another fabulous cobbling tool by Slink, this one tells you the attributes of the current room.
-Room cob Sheif The original fantastic storage room installed above the incubator.
Replaced by the Shief V2 as an extension of the Learning Room.
-Lift Slink's Lifts Great cobs for adding extra lifts to your worlds.

Place the lift at the lowest point, then add the call buttons nearby on each level you want it to stop at, starting at the top.

You must install them this way, or you will get problems.
-   Ticket Tickets For The Hand Allows the player to have fast movement around Albia.
Tickets for the Hand

xy_locator.gif (1275 bytes)

X-Y Locator

I never realised how cool this cob was until I began cobbling myself. It tells you the X-Y coordinates wherever you place it!

Version 1.1 - a slight update I made that automatically disappears after a short time, and removes other copies in the world when a new one is added.
trumpet.gif (1362 bytes)ball.gif (1182 bytes)coffee.gif (1353 bytes) Albian Extras Tree Sprite A pack of cobs to provide copies of toys, music, food and drink originally present in Albia.
backdrop.gif (1231 bytes) Backdrop Martha Brummett (Mokus) A green background for taking photos of your creatures without the background, the image to the left is half the original size.
egg.gif (2286 bytes)Pregnancy Toolkit
Breeding Pack Lee Gaiteri (LummoxJR) C-Section - Forces eggs to be laid by norns
Egg Pauser - Stops all eggs from hatching
Egg Start - Allows paused eggs to hatch without hatchery
Female Egg - Turns all current egg embryos to female
Fertile + - Puts all norns at full fertility
Male Egg - Turns all current egg embryos to male
playpen.gif (1949 bytes)
A cot for your young ones, it is basically a mover.
bridge.gif (2922 bytes)
Bridge Freya A bridge between the cliffs left of the hives, uses a mover.

I made an updated bridge sans mover based off this sprite.
-Unloader Unloader This is highly useful if you don't use any cheats - it releases all creatures that are trapped in lifts.
-Egg Shelf Egg Shelf Places two shelves, one above the duke box and another above the beehives. Image to the left has been trimmed to fit.
-Room cob Cabinet Shelf Casey Coco A box room above the incubator for storing objects.
em_kit.gif (1083 bytes) Emergency Kit Spirit  Heals all ills in nearby norns when activated.
force_field.gif (1482 bytes) Force Field Ben Wright (Sparrow) Impede creatures' movements, useful for separating sick norns, keeping out the grendel and giving a mating pair some privacy.

Included is an improved version he released later.
-Room cob Garden Shelf Bibble Places a shelf on the greenhouse ledge.
grendel_friendly.gif (2012 bytes) Grendel Friendly Daniel Silverstone (Kinnison) Makes grendels friendly to your norns when they mean to be, although they will still punch when angry.
Also allows them to breed, if they have the correct genes.
grenmach.gif (1340 bytes) Grendel Machine Gender Changer Alter the Grendel Mother to produce either all females or a mix of males and females.
? An amazing set of cobs for integrating
Grendels and Ettins into your world:

Grendel creation / removal cob
World Upgrade - allows peaceful interaction and yellow and black eggs to be laid (an upgrade of Grendel Friendly)
Grtendel/Ettin Scanner s- adds birthe vent for them
Creature Calmer

The pack also contains an updated gren.gen and eggs.spr
to allow grendels to be fertile.

The Multiple
Bedalton This swish cob adds a floating icon that allows you to swift ly select any grendels in your world.
Infinite Scroll Sets your world to alwayts load with infinte scroll turned on, so you can travel the whole worlds by scrolling.
toy_hand.jpg (1091 bytes) Holo Doc Alexander Laemmle (Beowulf) Keeps your norns healthy, takes the appearance of the hand.
-No Eggs Cob No Eggs Cob ? This cob causes norns to give birth to baby norns, not eggs.
This allows a slightly higher population.
magical_mask.gif (1927 bytes) Magical Mask  
Stefan Kuske
Makes nearby norns horny when activated.
mover.gif (2013 bytes) Mover Brad Fermanich A mover that allows travel between 7 common locations.
Norn lifted
Norn Lifter Ping Lets you pick up the current creature so you can move them anywhere else.

Here I am using it to move Mooki, daughter of Dawn.

Norngirl This amazing feat of engineering allows you to incubate eggs anywhere in the worlkd.
object_b_gone.gif (1014 bytes) Object B Gone Mark Boehler A spray that can destroy any 3rd party cob (wont damage any original objects or creatures)
-Room cob Shelves Creates shelves on the pipe near the distiller & the kitchen table.
stun_gun.gif (1165 bytes) Stun Gun This device can only be used by the hand (thank the gods). Any creature hit by a beam is sent to sleep almost immediately.
ruler.gif (1701 bytes)  
Spotling Useful cob for measuring distances and objects in pixels.
-Mover Slide Brad Spring & slide allow access between garden & hives.
Its graphics are pretty basic, but it works well.
ss_toy.gif (1114 bytes)
Super Speech Toy
Lee Gaiteri (LummoxJR) Teaches your norns *all* vocabulary and is mobile.
teleporter.gif (4400 bytes)


Eric Leif Replaces the four teleporters with an advanced network of eight teleporters that you can alter which are linked to which.
* means in same position as the original teleporter:

Tree house

Underwater bubble
*Carrot vendor*

Here is a of my recommended settings .