MuppetBoy's C1 Cobs

I am now quite a competent cobbler, and have got to grips with most of the commands. I learnt most of what I know from fixing or altering existing cobs.
I am happy to divulge my knowledge to those seeking help, though I hope my CAOS section will provide most answers.

Although the cobs are arranged in order of the month they were first created, I have updated many of them since their release without keeping a track on versions.
All cobs not in blue work perfectly fine, but this does not mean I won't tamper with them in the future!

I've had problems with compiling some of my sprites using BobCob, sometimes it forgets to make the black background transparent,
but Creatures Editor seems to do the job well. Despite this, I have found BobCob to be a fantastic package with many useful tools.

Colour Code

Most cobs are colored yellow
Those that have not yet been completed are coloured blue.
Conglomerate cobs, that were created by merging several other cobs are coloured green.

The cobs that have become merged into a conglomerate cob since their release are coloured orange.

For posterity I have kept my old cobs, even those rendered obsolete by later cobs, these are coloured in red.


The four main cobs types I've made are:
1) Food & Life
2) Breeding
3) Miscellaneous (mostly tools)
4) Rooms (held in the places section)