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MuppetBoy's Mutants

In the uppermost section of this page, you will find mutant norns that I have personally bred,
all of which occurred naturally as far as I can ascertain.
Also those from worlds belonging to my friends and family.
For most I have found exact explanations for their weird behaviour.


Dawn Daybreak Norns Gen 51
Dawn, a norn from my friend Sarah's Albia, was naturally immortal from birth. You can download a pack along with my favourite of her children, Mooki who was born on my computer.

For more details of her mutation see the Immortal Page.
There is also a
specific page on the Daybreak norns.

I also discovered she also has the "Ouch!" gene, this gene makes her receive pain when crowded.

1D 00 00 03 01 3B 01 10 03 3A 01 03 40
01 00 00 07 01 1
9 01 00 01 01 01 32 08

John Fast Ageing Gen 52
John was a son of Dawn, (named after me) also born on my mate SazStar's computer.
He aged extremely quickly from birth then died.

The reason for his aging is because he digests the Ageing chemical instead of Starch.

Fortunately she named the next son of Dawn Jon :-)

For more info, see the Daybreak norns page.

1B 00 00 03 01 38 01 00 02 3A 01 00 40

Willow Drunken Walker Gen 1
Willow has a mutated Alcohol receptor, meaning that even when she has no alcohol in her blood she walks with a drunken stagger.

She is a norn of my friend Gnomey. We named her first daughter Tipsy ;-)
By the way she is a first generation norn, proving that mutations can occur in hatchery eggs as well as natural births.

This is one of several mutations that make norns stagger like a drunk instead of walk. Some make constant high levels of alcohol, others alter  the Drunken Gait Receptor.
28 00 00 07 01 04 0F 44 6A 40 FF 00


Babs Antisocial Norn Gen 5
Babs receives seventeen lots of Punishment from Sex Drive Increase, the main source of this chemical is from the affection of other norns.

Thus she is shy of affection and never bore children. She seems happy in the photo to the left but runs away from any creature she sees. Studied along with Sue.
20 00 00 07 01 1D 01 00 01 0D 11 32 08

Sue Horny Sleeper Gen 6
Sue's unique genetics was discovered when I came to study all my norns that never bred for one reason or another.

This mutation is an altered gene dealing with the effects of alcohol, meaning decASH2 (a common brain chemical) raises the sex drive and sleepiness instead.
2E 00 02 17 01 46 01 00 03 0D 01 07 40

Para, Max and Gerlo Lame Norn Gen 7, 8 & 154
Max is not a "child of the mind".
A Child Of The Mind norn is either blind and/or deaf as well as being incapable of moving.

My Max is different - he can hear and see fine, I have even taught him many words, but he is incapable of walking.
Despite his disability, he is capable of sitting and standing and moving his head around.
The cause of this condition is due to a mutation in lobe 05 - the general sensory lobe.
There are three mutations present in the gene coding for lobe 5, the first and third of which he inherited from his mother. When the second gene was isolated in Para the same behaviour occurred.
The mutation seems to stop the norn deciding to do anything.

The second gene below is a mutation in lobe 5 of Gerlo, with the same effect.

05 00 00 03 35 0F 01 10 00 00 1A 50 80 09 17 0C 18 09 00 00 00 01 08 80 80 00 08 00 00 02 04 01 30 50 80 03 12 16 05 16 13 00 00 00 05 07 01 ...

07 00 00 01 0C 06 28 10 00 00 08 00 FF 0
E 00 ...

Dale Male Sterility Gen 11
Dale has a mutation in the gene that would otherwise make him fertile when his testosterone is high, thus this sterilises him.
He was studied when Sue was.
17 00 02 0F 00 02 00 40 00 00 FF 00

Billie and Cutey Painful Eating Gen 19 & 20
This disorder caused by a mutation can be extremely destructive to your norn's health, when the norn satiates it's hunger, the norn receives pain so it deters them from eating properly, thus can be detrimental to their health.
I first noticed this in Billie and his clone-son Cutey.

However it originated in Elf (Generation 15) or possibly from her mother Finch, unfortunately I do not have her file so cannot check.
33 00 00 01 01 23 01 03 01 00 01 01 20
Freya and Arch Barren Females Gen 23 & 15
I first noticed this mutation in a norn called Freya. I studied the genetics to discover that the mutation originated in Arch (Generation 15), one of a family of four norns I obtained from my sister. I realised that two of his daughters, Lucy and Lilo were both sterile.

15 00 02 17 01 02 00 0D 00 2C FF 00
The mutation gene makes them "fertile if high" rather than
"receptive to sperm"
Unnoticed, the gene was passed through a male line, through Mulder, Boyo, Adolus, to Bianca.
She had her cycles started artificially using an oestrogen injection to make Cedar, Danny, finally to Freya.

Freya had three nieces and two sisters who were also infertile - disaster!
I struggled for a while but the gene was eventually selected out.

Ophi Scaredy Cat Gen 32
Ophi has a mutation that alters how she detects fear. The receptor involved in making a norn scared when "fear" chemical is present is digital not analogue. She is one of the products of a feral run.
0A 00 00 07 01 05 09 0A 00 00 FF 02
Vroom Gut Rot  Gen 39
Vroom is an unlucky norn, he constantly flinches from pain.
It is most caused by the following mutation which turns hunger increase into pain instead of using pain increase.

Ironically this mutation makes him immune to pain from other sources such as burns, slaps etc. 
01 00 00 07 01 13 01 00 01 01 01 32 08 

Teena Difficult Labour Gen 89
I noticed that Teena was pregnant, but seemed to be incapable of giving birth. At first I was unconcerned - these things just take time, but eventually I scanned her and discovered a causal mutation.
She was C-sectioned immediately.
10 00 02 17 01 02 01 41 00 28 40 03

Aris Indigestion Gen 122
Despite having a good appetite, Aris became gradually weaker.
I eventually found she had a mutation in the starch digestion gene so that it only came into effect when she was adult.
1B 00 02 03 01 39 01 00 02 3A 01 00 40

Brenda Sleepy sickness &
Non Starting Pregnancy
Gen 123
The first mutation I found in this norn damages the sleep cycle, making
hunger decrease reduce the sleepiness drive instead of sleepiness

The only way she can naturally get some good sleep is by eating lots -
but she is sleeping too much to do so!
13 00 00 07 01 23 01 07 01 31 01 00 08
The second mutation I first noticed in her mother Apple, but forgot about this. It originated in Apple's maternal grandfather Yongue.

It prevents the afflicted norn from producing progesterone if she become pregnant whilst still a youth, as it's activation time has changed to adolescent. Resulting in a pregnancy that will not progress naturally until they age.
11 00 03 17 01 02 01 42 00 0D 04 02

Feagle The Rage Gen 127
This mutation makes the anger receptor digital instead of analogue. Consequently it is triggered more easily and norns annoyed easily and become quite violent.

I first noticed this mutation in her great-grandfather Coomba, in whom it originated but subsequently forgot about it.
Unfortunately this meant most of the norns living around this time inherited this gene before I managed to weed it out as the tree below demonstrates.
0C 00 00 07 01 05 0B 0C 00 00 FF 02

rage.png (37387 bytes)

Kwaig Still Birth Gen 132
This poor norn died a few scant seconds after birth. He has a particularly nasty mutation preventing him easily processing glucose into glycogen. Thus the cycle breaks down, and health plummets. In the pack is a copy of him and his genetic file before I fixed it and recreated him.
1C 00 00 03 03 3A 01 02 01 3B 01 23 38

KaliStarch SynthesisGen 158
This gene means that a norn creates starch from resting, meaning they can rest rather than eat! It was first noticed in Atono, the Perpetual norn, but it came from his ancestor Kali. It was forgotten about twice, but eventually I traced it's origins and exported all norns with it. It makes the lives of the norns too easy, and they do not have enough pressure to learn to eat properly.
Normally Tiredness Decrease breaks down Tiredness into Rewards,
but instead Starch is made instead!
12 00 00 07 01 26 01 06 01 39 01 00 08

Ashy Egg Bound Gen 173
Poor Ashy cannot lay eggs without the intervention of a C-Section, her egg-laying receptor is mutated, so links to her NFP drive instead.
16 00 02 17 01 05 01 42 C8 00 FF 02
Imino Child of the Mind Gen 182
This guy has a COTM-type mutation, he does not move around or eat, yet he is usually pretty happy. In fact he has quite a few mutations in his brain, I'm not yet sure which is causing his disability.
Ona Polycystosis Gen 188
When Ona is pregnant she secretes Testosterone rather than the usual Progesterone, this means she cannot lay her egg and the pregnany does not progress.
11 00 02 17 01 02 01 40 00 0D 04 02
Usta Rapid GlycolysisGen 194
Died very young due to a mutation breaking down glycogen into 2 glucose rather than 3, which tore through her energy stores quickly.
1D 00 00 03 01 3B 01 00 02 3A 01 00 40
Xiao Attention DeficitGen 197
Has a mutation in a brainlobe that seems to make it hard for her to make decisions.
BanjoBanjo Half Blind Bacchus
This unlucky norn was born with a mutation in the Reinforcement section of his Attention lobe, with the consequence of not allowing him to pay attention to himself, the sky egg or the hand. Subsequently he cannot eat.

Despite this he has learnt all the words, and can walk fine, but without glucose injections he will fade.



Gathered Mutants

In the bottom section are mutants I have gathered from the web or submissions.
These include many of the famous and common ones.


Mutation Example(s) Identifier InformationIcon
Bacchus Guapo, Gentil & Hermoso

Bonita was the first
Ricardo J. Mendez Highly sexed norns, create starch from lowering sex drive instead of reward.

01 02 21 00 00 07 01 2D 01 0D 01 39 01 00 08

Similar to the Hippy Norn genome.
I created a pack of Bacchus norns including a cobs for making new Bacchus eggs and testing norns for the gene.

Always HornyCoalBananaNornCoal's Sex Drive is always high, I thought he was a sweet norn at first, but no.

21 00 00 07 01 2D 01 0F 01 31 01 00 08
1 Sex Drive-- + 1 not allocated > 1 Rewards
Sex Drive decrease cn therefore not remove Sex Drive, leaving Coal always amorous.
SociableSocialAaron PieperThis is a generation 50 norn with four mutations that make him more sociable. Anger converts to Sex Drive, Crowdedness decreases quickly, and he gets starch from being tickled. He is a lovely little norn.
Constantly DrunkJulyFreya of
Creatures Jungle
July has a mutation in an Emmiter gene that makes her synthesise alcohol instead of decASH2.
This may have other consequences to her brain:

01 01 03 00 00 07 00 06 02 44 00 01 FF 01 01 02 0F 01 23 11 03 01 31 01 00 08

She also has a mutation making her less hungry.
Child of the Mind (COTM)

amy - cotm.gif (10775 bytes)




? A tragic and typically fatal mutation, most likely a mutation in either the attention or concept lobe.

There are probably several mutations that will cause a similar result. This type of mutation makes the norn stare continually either at themselves, or something non-moving and will not respond to any stimuli.

There are no known therapies for this condition, and these norns are always short-lived, unless kept alive artificially. Apparently there is at least one story of such a norn having fathered a child before dying.

Bismo is a sweet norn, they are from Spotling. Amy has a highly sensitive pain receptor, so she is stuck in a flinching position.
Frank I found on Cretures Caves, bred by Woodpigeon
LamePurpleVanessaThis type of norn are incapable of walking, but can look around. This particular norn's lameness is due to a mutation in lobe 6, the decision lobe.

These are similar to COTM
Hunched Babs
BabsMalkinBabs has a mutation in one of her receptor genes which makes her limp when her Oestrogen is low, rather than glycogen.

27 00 00 07 01 04 0A 3
F 00 23 FF 01

Consequenctly she walks with a hunch, but is otherwise bright and healthy.
Chronic RightBisto ?Probably a mutation that makes the norn walk to the right continuously. Perhaps a behavioural problem, but possibly connected to the temperature sense, which is linked to the norns sense of direction.

I finally got a copy of one, she seems to have a brain mutation which I suspect is the culprit.
Steve  ? This type of mutation makes the norn an adult at birth. They start off mentally infantile, infertile and can have severe biochemical problems.

Most infantile-acting norns can be taught to become normal adults.
steve also seems to have the Highlander mutation.
Rapid Ager2beckySpotlingBecky has a mutation that makes her turn ageing chemical instead of starch into glucose.
1B 00 00 03 01 38 01 00 02 3A 01 00 40
Ageing  > 2 Glucose
This means she ages rapidly, and gets no nutrition from food. She is 2 minutes old in the zip, and is already old but at over 90% health!
Walking Baby
Erica walking

JuliErica is only 8 minutes old and can walk upright like an older norn as the picture to the left demonstrates.
I had a look at her genetics, and unless it's a brain mutation I'm not sure what is causiing it.
or "Witch norns"
1am, Chirpy, Ziggy
& Belinda
? The game allows any creature to activate or pickup any object from anywhere in the world. By default it makes the norn move close to it first.
If a norn believes it is near an object then it will activate it, even if it is far from it. Some mutations cause norns to effectively become telepaths.
These example norns have many mutant poses, which may be the cause of their strange abilitiy.

Ziggy has a brain mutation, she ws given by Willyam to Bea's Heaven of Norns
Vash ?At first glance I thought she was immortal, but it seems she can get 2 glycogen from starch rather than 2 glucose.

1B 00 00 03 01 39 01 00 02 3B 01 00 40
This is triple the nutrition, so it does not take too much to give her high health.
SleepySleepyPiecemealThis guy is quite the charmer, sleeping only reduces his tiredness so he's always sleepy, but this doesn't stop him being very prolific!
13 00 00 07 01 27 01 0
6 01 31 01 00 08
He is also immune to glycotoxin du to this mutration:
22 00 00 07 01 43 0
0 3B 02 11 02 17 48
1 Glycotxoin +
0 Glycogen > 2 Pain+ + 2 Sleepiness+


These genes make the norn constantly cold. The blanket cob is often useful to warm Saturn norns.

01 01 07 00 00 07 01 04 00 04 00 18 32 00

Receptor is "permanently active" instead of "air is this cold"
AnnetteSam AnetteThis norn gets coldness when  she eats, the breeder thought she had epilepy as she shiverred so often!

0F 00 00 07 01 23 01 03 01 31 01 04 08
1 Hunger- + 1 Hunger > 1 Rewards + 1 Coldness
(Sweet n Sour)
(first matriarch)
Pamela Smith
(submitted to The Creatures Exchange)
These norns never get bored, they have the sweet immortalising mutation as well as a mutation in the gene that digests starch, instead it breaks down ageing.
Subsequenty they hit old age before they hit a minute

1 Starch > 2 Glucose
1B 00 00 03 01 39 01 00 02 3A 01 00 40
1B 00 00 03 01 3
8 01 00 02 3A 01 00 40
Ageing > 2 Glucose

They are very inbred so all look similar
They are very fertile, despite their advanged appearance.
See below for family tree.
  None as yet, if you have any examples, or related information, please send it to me.
?This gene makes the norn constantly hot. The fan cob is highly recommended for mercury norns.
Methuselah  ? These norns are always old and infertile
Dorian Gray  ? An immortal mutation
Gilgamesh ?

Gilgamesh is a demigod of legend who became immortal,
I assume this mutation makes the norn likewise immortal.

Sunday ? A mysterious mutation only heard of by rumour and by name. 

Extra Lobed Mutants

    These have more than the usual nine lobes - despite rumours and assumptions, they are not actually more intelligent as the extra lobes are usually copies of existing lobes and just overlay the original lobe, and don't usually affect brain function at all.

    Only point mutations within the lobes can affect behaviour. Theoretically larger lobes or new lobes in unused brain space could increase intelligence - if they are wired up correctly.
Norn Name Apparent Lobes
(as seen in the
Science Kit)
Actual Lobes
(seen in any gene viewer, such as dDNA Analyser)
Maeve 38 10
Betsy 36 15
Ivan 14 14
Lacy 10 10
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