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   Thanks go to the organisers of the Creatures Community Spirit Festival and Creatures Cave
celebrating this Cyberlife product and for making the community what it is today.


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I would like to make a dedication to those old great websites that are no longer maintained, due to various reasons.
I sincerely hope that those who can reopen their fantastic sites would do so.

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       I would also like to acknowledge some special people without whom this website would not have come about:
Jenny Jane -  For introducing me to the game in the first place, for rearing Arch (originator of the Barren Female mutation), and for being a fantastic sister full of great advice.
Jomish -  The guy who lead me to produce a website and patiently taught me some good netiquette, general grammar and web-editing skills.
GirlySatan -  My primary Beta Tester and script checker. Her Creatures website can be found here which is a great resource for cobs and script information

She is also hosts
my website, which I am very grateful for.
SazStar -  Who is a fine friend, and helped to feed my interest in the early days.
I would particularly like to thank her for being the steward of the world that produced Dawn, the first Daybreak Norn.
Mike C -  A proof-reader, general décor adviser, grammar specialist, and a source of good advise.