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Strippy sits and awakens to a new world. She was my first norn.

 This is a complete database of norns on that originate, or joined my Main Sequence population.
This does not include any of my experiments, new breeds or some of my wolfling runs.

Many are also found on other pages especially Mutants and Daybreak, but most are only found here.

If you are having trouble breeding norns in your world, I have a pack of Super Breeders for you to download, from across the generations.


Immortal norn (usually daybreak)

The Rage mutation

Super Breeder, with at least six kids

Sterile or very low fertility
Ouch! - gives pain when crowded  

The diagram below shows the tree of the first 20 generations of my norns.

my_tree.jpg (35280 bytes)

This symbol  represent females

This marks males.

Those that lived and died during a wolfling run, leaving no clues to their sex, are marked thusly

These norns were from the hatchery

These came from another's computer, some are genetically modified

Those created by cloning of two same-sexed norns, cloned from one norn, or have minor genetic modification.

This marks naturally bred norns

In total I've bred over 1000 norns in almost 200 generations. This is only my mainstream C1 population, that I often refer to as The Main Sequence. I have probably witnessed the lives of several thousand norns.