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Strippy sits after hatching and awakens to a new world.
She was my first norn back in November 1996
She began a legacy that I call The Main Sequence.
Named after the physics term.

 Thissection  is a complete database of norns on that originate, or joined my Main Sequence population.
This does not include any of my experiments, new breeds or some of my wolfling runs.
Many are also found on other pages especially Mutants and Daybreak, but most are only found here.

I represent my norns by the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram used by physicists to depict stars by temperature and luminosity.

The diagram below shows the tree of the first 20 generations of my norns.

my_tree.jpg (35280 bytes)

In total I've bred over 1000 norns in almost 200 contiguous generations.