Heavenly Rooms

These room cobs are all in the skies, they go together quite well.
The rest of my rooms can be found on another page.

They were inspired by Ali Maggs' Cloud 9 room, and are compatible with it.

See above for a compliation of these cobs, except Olumpas which is to the east.

Cob & Picture Date Description
in 40Tricoloured Roses For Cloud 9

An overhaul of the Roses for Cloud 9, now they can grow, come in four colours and taste better, they have a similar effect to eating tomatoes.
in 40
Teaching Angel For Cloud 9

This angel teaches nearby norns all words very quickly.
- movers -Dragon Cloud PackAugust
A pack of two mover cobs, one from the end of Cloud 9 to the lighthouse. Also to the lighthouse from the island.
(Cloud 11)
A new heavenly realm. The pack includes the Dragon Cloud, created by modifying Freya's Bridge cob, that transports norns between Olumpas and Olympia.

Also installed is a Dragon Cloud that takes norns to and from the Treehouse, and a patch of Cloudy Carrots.


in 42
Seraph for Olympia

Another denizen for Olympia, the Seraph is the guardian of Olympia and will only allow norns access to this exclusive club. Ettins, Shee and Grendels are all expelled with equal vigour, and this is done roughly to remind them they are unwelcome. Grendels are especially discouraged by being given a venomous injection of glycotoxin.

Clicking on the Seraph switches between free-for-all and Bouncer modes.
in 40

Cherubs for Cloud 9

An add-on for the Cloud9 cob, this injects a choir of Cherubs that bless all nearby norns with immortality (glycogen & ageing) and render them sterile (gonadotrophin and sex drive decrease). This only affects norns in Cloud9 and if they were to leave it they would return to their fertile mortal selves, but will probably live longer.

Creatures can play with them, carry them, and even bounce them on the floor!
42, 43 & 44


(Cloud 10)

Version 2

Olympia was inspired by Cloud9.

There is a marble table laid with goblets of nectar (which brings much happiness to the drinker) they can be refilled from the fountain. A fluffy cloud serves edible pearls of ambrosia (which cures all ills).

Cherubs are playful and cute beings, they enjoy being held by norns, mainly they float around. Angels are the teachers, passing on their divine knowledge willingly.

One of the clouds can be activated to cause rain or lightning, an anvil creates one-shot lightning bolt toys. Music is provided by a golden harp.

Finally there is a Carrier Cloud that takes norns between Cloud 10 and the tree house.


Bifrost For Olympia

This cob installs the rainbow bridge Bifrost to join the two celestial realms of Cloud 9 and Olympia, make sure that these two cobs are installed first.