Queer Norns

Sex &



The original game had a vaguely heteronormative twang
Over the years fans have expanded this to include other forms of sexuality and gender




in 1998 Sandra Linkletter updated the mating scripts to both allow females to initiate sex and to allow same sex mating.
Download both a modified world and a cob of the scripts to add to any world:

This update was the basis of her Terra Nornia world and many others.

I believe it was Slink that came up with the Equals Genes, versions of mating and courting genes for both sexes.


 Also in 1998 Juli created the Amazon Norns who have reversed gender roles,
with the females being more hardy & solitary and the males being more timid & sociable.







The main contribution I made to queering norns was the
Transgender Norns back in 2002, which I updated somewhat in 2003
These norns have the appearance of the other sex


Norns v1.1








In addition there are Gay & Non-Binary scripts for C3
These allow same-sex mating and the birth of non-binary creatures.

Update for Female-Female mating scripts.


Transgendered Norns by Ylukylun were inspired by the C1 version
They are a gender swapped version of the Chi Chi breed.
They were released in CCSF 2010