Key to the various icons used on the pages in this section
Note that although most of the later norns are numbered by birth order, some generations have members denoted by letters,
this indicates that they are not strictly a part of the Main Sequence but are related to them.


Rapid ageing type mutationImmortal norn
(other than Daybreak)
Forever young or similar mutationImmortal Daybreak norn
Pack of Daybreak norns
Llived & died in a wolfling run, of unknown sex
Mutation that makes a norn drunk, or stagger as if drunkSuper Breeder, with at least six kids
If you are having trouble breeding norns, here is a pack of proven breeders.

Poor digestionLow fertility or difficult pregnancy, caused by various mutations
Super efficient digestionPure Feliz norn, containing all Cyberlife genes.

From the hatchery

Physical mobility mutationThe Starch Synthesis mutation
(starch from resting)
Naturally bred
Fear causing mutationThe Rage mutation
(digital anger drive)
Imports or new breeds.
Child of the Mind or similar mutationOuch Mutation!
(gives pain or punishment when overcrowded)
1) Cross of two of the same sex
2) Clones of one individual
3) minor genetic mods to looks to increase variety
Sleep causing mutationMutation that causes rapid early death

Overview of the generations and files of my norns

(Last updated 15th January 2022)

Generations Files
Cohort 01 to 171790627625
Cohort 118 to 4326123165
Cohort 244 to 692633844
Cohort 370 to 952600141
Cohort 496 to 1212600138
Cohort 5122 to 14726023140
Cohort 6148 to 173261490134
Cohort 7174 to 19926253144126
Cohort 82001111
TOTAL1 to 2002001,189603824