Flora and Fauna


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Aquatic Animals Aerial Animals Terrestrial Animals
Jellyfish Hummingbird c_beetle.gif (1264 bytes) Albian Carrot Beetle
A harmless denizen of Albia's Oceans Are a pretty and peaceful presence in Albia Feed upon carrots, and will defend their buddies if attacked.
Seahorse bee2.gif (927 bytes) Bees lit_bug.gif (1287 bytes) Lightning Bug
Another gentle creature of Albia's Oceans Make honey, but if annoyed can give a painful sting. Give electric shocks to creatures, when disturbed.
Angel Fish cloud_butterfly.gif (1594 bytes) Cloud Butterfly duck.gif (1911 bytes) Duck
A pretty and harmless denizen of Albia's Oceans Have an unusual life cycle whereby the eggs are laid in Clouds and hatch on the way down to the ground. A friendly creature for your norns to pet.
orn_fish.gif (1106 bytes)
Ornamental Fish
cave_fly.gif (1333 bytes)
spider.gif (3406 bytes)
This is the Ornamental Pond Guppy and is only to be found in the pond west of the house. These jungle-dweller's bite contains a mild poison called Geddonase. Will catch and eat flies in its sticky orb web.
frog.gif (2005 bytes)  Frog cow.gif (3776 bytes)
After hatching, the tadpoles exist as an aquatic larval stage in the moat beneath the garden, the frog is a land based critter. Produces milk for your Creature's benefit. Her name is Audmula.

Rocket Squid
dfly1.gif (976 bytes)
These creatures have the strange habit of flying on water jets. A bad tasting, otherwise harmless flying insect.
crayfish.gif (1048 bytes) Crayfish wasps.gif (2054 bytes)
A harmless crustacean pet for your norns. Similar to Bees except that they do not make honey and make their home in the Jungle.
coco_crab.gif (1326 bytes)
Coconut Crab
As their name suggests, these crabs inhabit the Island and feed upon coconuts.
A Food Web for Albian Organisms


Elephants crush cave flies, but don't eat them
Frogs eat bees, the others eat their honey
Butterflies and Bees eat nectar, the others eat their fruit
Caterpillars not butterflies are eaten by frogs & ants

Food web