This table shows the effects of intaking various foods, plants and IV medicines on your creatures.
Toxins are shown in purple.




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(100 x starch /
(Hunger- + NFP-))

FOOD Carrots Starch 100
Hunger Decrease 100
NFP Decrease 70
59 The healthiest food
in Creatures!
Honey Starch 40
Hunger Decrease 150
NFP Decrease 20
24 Not much nutrients compared to satisfaction - junk food
Lemon Starch 50
Hunger Decrease 50
NFP Decrease 10
Pain 5
83 The small amount of pain is attributed to it's sharp, sour taste
Cheese Starch 150
Hunger Decrease 250
NFP Decrease 60
48 Thought to be the healthiest food -
but it's the second
DRINK Hootch Alcohol 60
Hunger increase 5
  0 Makes all norns sleepy, makes males angry, and females horny. Also gives norns the munchies
Coffee Starch 40
Coldness Decrease 60
Sleepiness Decrease 20
Tiredness Decrease 20
  very high Warms and wakes up your norns
HERB Feverfew Starch 90
Hunger Decrease 100
Pain Decrease 100
45 Acts as a food, but with pain relief
Gentian Starch 90
Hotness Decrease 100
Coldness Decrease 100
  very high Good for relieving fever
Starch 90
Sleepiness Decrease 100
Tiredness Decrease 100
  very high Coffee-like plant, wakes up norns
Tomato Starch 90
Sex Drive 100
Adrenaline 10
  very high Fertility boosting herb
WEED Baobab Starch 90
Histamine A 100
Sleep Toxin 100
  very high Gives the eater a cough and makes it sleepy
Death Cap Pain 100
Hunger 100
Hotness 100
Glycotoxin 100
none This is the most dangerous
weed it consumes your
Norns glycogen store, can be lethal 
Pyrenthium Starch 90
Pain 100
Hunger 100
  high The mildest weed, just causes some pain. Good for teaching creatures to avoid weeds
Nightshade Starch 90
Sleepiness 100
Tiredness 100
very high Good for helping creatures sleep, despite being a weed
Campanula Starch 90
Histamine B 100
Fever Toxin 100
  very high Gives the eater a sneeze and a fever
Laburnum Histamine A 100
Histamine B 100
Sleep Toxin 90
Fever Toxin 70
none The second worst weed. Causes both a  cough and a sneeze, fever and sleepiness
Ugly Tomato Starch 90
Sex Drive Decrease 100
Adrenaline 10
very high  Can be used to safely reduce fertility
Mistletoe(Sex Drive Increase 10)noneGives sex drive a boost when looked st
HollyNFP Decrease 30
Boredom Descrease 20
Fear 30
Pain Increase 120
Steve DismukesLemon BalmStarch 90
Tiredness Decrease 100
Anger Decrease 100
Vitamin C 50
very high
RhubarbStarch 90
Glucose 50

NFP Decrease 100
Coldness Decrease 100
GeraniumStarch 90
Tiredness Decrease 100
Hotness Increase 50
Coldness Increase 50
very high
RhododendronStarch 90
Hunger Decrease 100
Fever Toxin 100
Histamine B 100
Ink CapStarch 45
Hunger Decrease 100
Sleepiness Decrease 100
Coldness Increase 100
TulipStarch 90
Tiredness Increase 100
Hotness Increase 100
Sleep Toxin 100

(this data is for 1 unit value,
a full syringe is 30 units)

Energy  syringe.jpg (5280 bytes) Glucose 2
Pain Increase 1
 very high
Adrenaline Adrenaline 1  "toxic" levels of glucose burning   
Pain Killer Pain Decrease 2
Sleepiness Increase 1
*Histamine A Decrease 2*
Sleepiness Increase 2
  Lowers cough causing histamines
Sleeping Pill Sleepiness Increase 2     
Wake Up Pill *Glucose Decrease 1*
Sleepiness Decrease 2
 Adrenaline 0.25
"toxic" levels of glucose burning  Uses up glucose & wakes up target creature
Antioxidant Ageing 1   Slows your creature's ageing down  
Terra NorniaCowslipHotness Decrease
Cough Medicine
WillowPain Decrease
ValerianFear Decrease
Boredom Decrease

SnowdropSleepiness Decrease
Tiredness Decrease
Fly AgaricAlcohol
Monk's HoodGlycotoxin 300
*other toxins*

 Note that there are many plants and foods added by cobs, I have only included Terra Nornica here as In was studying them.
I also added a few of my favourites.
For an in-depth study of cob script/chemical effects, see GirlySatan's site.