el Norno

El Norno


Here is a brief description of some of the jargson used in the Creatures series,
not all is specific to the game, but terms I thought might be helpful to be described.

Term Description
AlbiaThe flat world upon norns & grendels live and Shee used to live
Artificial Intelligence Software that models thinking, such as that used in norns and grendels
Artificial Life Software that models aspects of orgnic lifeforms
AutosaveWhen the game automatically saves every so often
Banshee A type of shee, typically interested in grendels and gadgets
Biochemistry The study of the chemical reactions in living things
Breed One of the varieties of a species, usally with it's own appearance and genes
Breed Slot Each breed fills a slot and overwrites the last breed put in that slot
There are 10 per species
COBA Creatures OBject file for installing new scripts into the game
COBbler Someone who makes cobs
COBblingThe qct of making cobs
Compound Object An object in the game with several parts, includes vehicles and creatures
Creature Generally refers to norns, grendels, ettins shee & geat.
Cross-breed A mix of two or more breeds
Digital DNA The software that encodes of the biology of creatures
Drive An urge of a creature such as hunger, sleep or sex drive
EttinA creatyre that fills slot 2
Euthanasia To choose to kill a creature, usually to allieviate suffering
Evolution Change over time, usually referring to the change in genes via the natural selection on genetic variety
Export To take a creature out of the game, so it can be imported later, copied, edited &/or sent to someone else's computer 
Feral run To let your creatures bred with minimal interference 
Force-aging When you artificially accelerate a creature's growth 
GeatSpecies that uses slot 3, also known as the Shee slot
Genetic breedA breed that usually uses sprites form other breeds, and has some of it's own unique genetics
Genetic engineeringThe changing of genetic code
Genetic modificationThe changing of genetic code
GengineerSomeone who changes genetic code
Grendel Species that uses slot 1, typically aggressive and sterile
Grendel MotherSymbiont that creates grendels
GrenornGrendel-norn hybrid
GrettinGrendel-ettin hybrid
HandishHumans, or human language
HaploidTo have one set of genomes, like creatures do
ImportBringing a creature into the game, either from one previously exported or one downloaded from elsewhere.
LekDancing that amorous norns perform
MonikerA code for each creature that is the same as it's genetic file
NavenA Creatures Community troll
NettinNorn-ettin hybrid
NewbieSomeone who is new to an online community
NornCreature that fills slot 0, usually fecund and playful
NornalNormal for a norn
NorndelA grendel-norn hybrid
NornirAnother name for bibble or for the norn species
OldbieSomeone who has been a memebr of an online community for a long time
Pure-breedThe original, unmixed breed
ScriptA set of instructions in a world that can be changed by cobs
ScriptoriumThe total set of scripts in a world
Selective breedingTo interferewith how a species evolves
SheeSpecies that uses slot 3, sometimes known as the geat slot
Small Furry CreaturesOne of the working titles for Creatures
Smart VendorOne that has a limit on how many items it will vend into the world at once
UtilityExternal program that augments or affects the game or it's files
WallbonkFor a creature to constantly walk into a wall
  If there are any other words you'd like explained,

please send me a message.