The Morrigan


The spooky Ghost norns fit in well with the season

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Dracula is a fine addition to your gene pool, he has a gene that gives him energy (starch) when he kisses others
(don't worry, this does not harm who he feeds on, nor is it transmissable via any means but regularreproduction)

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Gengineered by Darcie



Picture Cob Creator DescriptionDate
Trick or Treat BagSpirit
Pumpkin Patch

Jack O' Lantern-

Jack O' Lantern1999
Haunting Ghost
Halloween Pack
Candy SkullSnack
Hot Dog
Friendly GhostMoving toy
Flying RocketBased on the kite
Hanging Bat DecorationDecoration
Jack O' Lantern
Wax GrendelDecoration that melts in the sun
Halloween Pack
Hard Candy
Edible Bubble Gum
Bite Sized Chocolate Bar
Trick or Treat BagGive comfort 
Halloween Kitten
Pumpkin SeedsHealthy snack that warms
Pumpkin PieSnack
Jack O Lantern-Created heat
Black CatCritter
Squeaky Pumpkin ToyXzyolotlPumpkin toy2021

Witch norns are mutated / modified so that they do not attempt to approach an object
that they intwent to interact wioth, so do it remotely, effectively with telekinesis

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Incubi Grendels are also vampiric
9gaining starch from affection)

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Another relevant genome for the season is the Undead norns
(They cannot die, and keep going when their health reaches 0%)

zombie.jpg (6629 bytes)

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This group came from Spotling
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Back in 2009 I interbred the above three groups to make the Hungry Ghosts
(They all have vampiric and undead genes and appear as ghost norns.)

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Details of the Hungry Dead Project can be found on the Undead page