Creature Commands & Values

These are commands that are specific to creatures. i.e. Norns, Grendels, Ettins and Shee/Geats.

Command / Value Description
stm# shou stimulus# Stimulates all creatures within ear shot (a shout) with a hard-hired stimulus# from this list. Object is a pointer to an object (TARG, FROM,  NORN etc.).
stm# sign stimulus# Stimulates all creatures looking at the owner of this script (as if it's  a sign)
with a hard-hired stimulus# from
this list.
stm# tact stimulus# Stimulates all creatures in contact with the owner of this script with a hard-hired stimulus# from this list.
stm# writ object stimulus# Stimulates a specific target object with a hard-hired stimulus# from this list.
is where you need a pointer to an object (TARG, FROM, NORN etc.).
stim shou significance input intensity features chem0 amount0 chem1 amount1 chem2 amount2 chem3 amount3

stim sign significance input intensity features chem0 amount0 chem1 amount1 chem2 amount2 chem3 amoun3

stim tact significance input intensity features chem0 amount0 chem1 amount1 chem2 amount2 chem3 amount3

stim writ significance input intensity features chem0 amount0 chem1 amount1 chem2 amount2 chem3 amount3
Similar to the stm# command, stim stimulates the target creature with a set of stimulus items:

significance = amount to nudge significance neurone by

input = sensory lobe neurone# (or set to 255 if none)

intensity = Amount to nudge input neurone by

features = bit record of features

chemical#, amount#, = 4 chemicals to emit into bloodstream (set to 0 if unused).
this list for chemical numbers

norn variable Set current pet creature to a variable.
For example "norn targ"
driv n State of creature's Drive# n (hunger etc)
drv! Creature's MOST PRESSING Drive#
returns 0 if no drives pressing
Can be used in statements such as: "DOIF DRIV DRV! GT 128"
to test level of strongest drive
chem n The concentration of a chemical in creature's bloodstream
baby Moniker of the child's genome if the creature is pregnant,
in non pregnant creatures this value is set to 0.
Useful to modify scripts for pregnant creatures
aslp Set to 1 if creature is asleep, 0 is awake.
When a creature is asleep it will close its eyes, snore little zeds, and become insensible to some stimuli.
"aslp 1" will make a creature fall asleep, and "aslp 0" will make a creature wake up
camn The creature's age in minutes.
cage The creature's age stage (0 to 7)
dead Set to 1 if the creature is dead, 0 if alive.
fire x y amount Fire the neurone whose position is xy. 'amount' is the signal strength
0 to 255 is a 'safe' signal.
trig lobe cell amount Fires a particular neurone located by the given lobe and cell.
chem chemical# amount Add this amount of chemical#  to the target creature's bloodstream.
appr Makes the creature walk towards the object it is focusing on (_it_), the script will only continue with next instruction when the creature is within reach.
This is used in activation scripts to make
creatures move towards the object they are activating.
walk The creature will wander in its current direction.
touc Commands the creature to reach out and touch the object it is paying attention to (_it_) . If this cannot be done then the script automatically ends there.
poin Similar to touc, except that the creature keeps it's head pointing towards the camera.
aim: act Set the target point on the _IT_ object for subsequent APPR and/or TOUC commands. Act can be: 0 = activate1, 1 = activate2, 2 = deactivate
say# n Speak word number n in a speech bubble, and send that word as a signal message to all creatures in earshot.
say$ [string] Speak given string in a speech bubble. What it says cannot be understood by other creatures as no messages are sent.
sayn Makes the target creature tell you its most pressing need. 
impt n Signifies how important the next voluntary action is.
The higher the number, the less likely it is that another action will override this one before it has finished. n is the amount the current decision neurone is nudged by.

This instruction should be used at the start of every creature action script, and may be used within a script if the importance changes during a later phase.
done Tells the creature that the current voluntary or involuntary action has been completed. For voluntary actions it resets the decision neurone to force creature to make a new decision, and ensures current importance is zero.
Put this command at the end of any temporary voluntary action
(e.g. action1 but not walk east) and after every involuntary action.
ltcy action mindelay maxdelay Used to set the Latency for the target creature's given involuntary action (from 0 to 7). The action will be prevented from repeating for a delay between mindelay and maxdelay. (delay is measured in 4/10th sec intervals)
drea max Start dreaming, and processing instincts, instead of receiving sensory data from environment. Used during deep sleep or while the creature is a foetus in an egg.

Once activated, up to max instincts will be processed, then the dream state switches off automatically. Each instinct takes about 5 seconds, during which the creature is insensible.

Be careful when deciding what value to use - too low and instincts take too many sleeps to get processed, too high and creatures remain insensible for too long and risk starvation.
drop Makes the target creature drop any objects it is carrying.

This can be used when forcing the creature to drop the remains of a meal.
f**k This is only relevant to male creatures.
It makes them pass any waiting sperm to female he is attending to.
This female will conceive if she's fertile & receptive.
snez Makes the target creature sneeze & infect nearby creatures or environment with any live bacteria it has within it.