Official & Third Party

Please send me a copy of AmberCity, Albia's Moon or Gronen if you have any of them





The original creatures world you start with the game. Needless to say it is beautifully rendered, artfully designed with several distinct environments which are nevertheless seamlessly interwoven,
along with many useful machines, animals and atmospheric music.
The only main drawback is the lack of food outside the main garden & house area. The inhabitable space, food, transport and toys can be increased by using cobs.


Weird story, I was playing the game and for some reason when I reloaded the background was entirely blue, after checking it wasn't a graphical error I realised it was potentially useful.
I'm not sure if it was caused by 3rd party software, a hidden feature I've never heard of, or just a glitch but here it is.
I realised it would be great for seeing the background objects in a a world, and for taking screen grabs of installed cobs!
>> download <<
If you renamed it, you could use it for other worlds too :)



EcoDisk   1.35Mb

Created by Darcie
It is a very well designed world, with many imaginative cobs.
Unfortunately there seems to be many errors in the world, and several required sprites are not included in the zipped files provided:
r2d2.spr & fire.spr are two of them




Arborium   5.85Mb

A well rendered land, created by Anthony Edwards.
I agree with the author who says its a bit devoid of food and toys, but these can be easily added using cobs.
It is a nice looking world, as you can see, with a nice depth to the background lacking in other 3rd party worlds.




The Albian Museum of Natural History and Science   3.50Mb

Created mainly by Monika Hübner.
This world is a little fussy, being crammed full of strange and seemingly randomly sized objects in one very massive building.
Despite these things, it is a very interesting world, having "globe balls" to play with and "toasted spiders" to eat.

"In a remote part of Albia, the Shee have built a house to store all the strange things they had brought back from their journeys through the galaxy. It seems that they were especially fascinated by a blue planet orbiting a rather insignificant star located far away from the galactic center where they found all kinds of odd animals never seen on any other world. This museum is now open to all creatures, but only during night time. Let them explore a strange and exciting world in the Albian Museum of Natural History and Science."

Based on one of Slink's starter worlds




Terra Nornia   5.53Mb

Probably the most famous world, created jointly by Lis Morris and Sandra Linkletter (Slink) and with many contributors. Beware that it has edited macros, so that you cannot always use cobs intended for other worlds in Terra Nornia and vice versa. This does not affect the creatures themselves which can be transferred with ease.
This world may seem a little harsh and cold due to lack of greenery and homeliness, but is a fabulous example of what can be accomplished if you put the effort in. I'll let creators introduce the world:

"Albia was getting overcrowded. The Hand was keeping up to 24 norns and hordes of grendels in a world meant at most for 12 norns and one grendel. Food had never been that abundant and it was running short. In the overcrowding and starvation it was even rumored that some creatures were living on Breaded Hatchling Norn! Then word came that a new world was opening up. Two of the Handish had created a world where the inequities and lack of foresight of the Shee deserters had been corrected. A world with abundant rooms and the privacy of locking doors. A world filled with food, drink, toys and the amenities of life. A world where all consenting adult creatures could do as they liked with each other. A world with a larger vocabulary. A world with, dared they believe it, seasons! A world called Terra Nornia. A competing rumor said that the Shee were returning to re-capture their abandoned pets. The Shee were offering a new world but every creature who went with the Shee would have to undergo treatment that not all would survive intact. Faced with the choice of an easy and reversible transition to a new world now, or the chance of permanent personality annihilation at the hands of the dreadful Shee later, the exodus to Terra Nornia began."

The reference to a new world requiring "permanent personality annihilation" refers to the conversion of creatures from C1 to C2.

A few cobs released specifically for this world are versions of:
Beelacanth, Encyclopedia Nornica and Lifts


Xandra  1.19 Mb

Created mainly by Kett, with some contributors. It is a variant of Terra Nornmica and thus requires it to be installed first

"Some terrible fate, or perhaps a lack of tea, drove the Shee from Xandra.
Luckily, the norns remain! Have fun exploring this world, but beware!
The T-Rex on the moon does not take kindly to his pet grubs being eaten and will attempt to scare away any visitors.
At least he does't bite =-)"




HavenWorld   1.73Mb

Created by Spirit, of The Haunted Creatures Shack using Slink's blank worlds.
I'll let her describe it in her own words:

"HavenWorld has three distinct levels;
NightWorld, the topmost level, where perpetual nighttime rules. This is the place of wild things, no gardens, but wild berries and such for the wild roaming creatures to root out and feed on.
DayWorld, the middle level, where a norn lands when imported, it's always cheerful and sunny, with gardens, a pond, cherry trees always in bloom and fruit, a main house, complete with a nursery, kitchen, living room and even a patio out back.
The mysterious TunnelWorld, an ancient tunnel built by person or persons unknown, who knows what dwells down there....;)  "

It is a bit of a soft world in some respects, with no real danger from grendels or weeds, but is very well made and imaginative.

Based on one of Slink's starter worlds




Darwinia  8.72Mb

Created mainly by Monika Hübner, with several contributors.

"Darwinia is based on one of Sandra Linkletter's starter worlds and has 14 rooms.
The following scripts are also her work: the installation scripts for the lifts, the incubator, the eggs, the bees and hives,
the doors and the altered scripts for the herbs that allow the pointer to pick them up."




Zeruko  5.46Mb

Created mainly by Muppetboy, with several cobs and sprites by others.

Hosts up to 48 creatures, has small bodies of water and huge tree houses with lots of nature and food.

I'm proud of this one, go to the page for backstory, full acknowledgements and detail.



By the way, you can easily create your own images of any world you have. First rename or move the back.spr file from the images directory, then rename the background file for the world you want to "back.spr".
Now load up Creatures Editor and use the "Generate Map of Albia" option from the "Sprite Manipulator" menu.
This world will be full size, on the same scale used by the Creatures game.
Now it is a case of using a graphics package to resize it, I used 7% for the above pictures.




Author Size
Arborium Anthony Edwards 5.85Mb
The Albian Museum
of Natural History
and Science
 Monika Hübner 3.5Mb
Darwinia 5.9Mb
1999Haven World Spirit 1.73Mb

Terra Nornia

Lis Morris &
Sandra Linkletter
Eco Disk Darcie Clements1.35Mb
?AmberCity Don the AmberShee ?
?Albia's Moon Spirit ??
?Gronen ??