This is what I call the first 17 generations of my main group of norns.
They have no strict naming convention, and include virtually all norns I bred for the first six years I played the game.
Use the table below to find downloads, pictures are more details.

Generation 1
Generation 2
Generation 3
Generation 4
Generation 5
Generation 6
Generation 7
Generation 8
Generation 9
Generation 10
Generation 11
Generation 12
Generation 13
Generation 14
Generation 15
Generation 16
Generation 17

December 1996 to April 2002

Read on to see family trees and stories about my norns.

Generation 1


My first norn was blonde. She was cute with dark legs and body, but a single stripe around each arm. This is why I decided to name her "Stripey", unfortunately I couldn't spell properly then so she ended up as "Strippy"!


I loved her, and with my elder sister's help I took her to the computer to learn the verbs and gradually all around the garden to learn as many nouns as possible.

I remember that to my sister this was just an introduction to the game and was about to export Strippy so I could "start properly", but with a horrified "no!" I stopped her - panic over.

I don't remember much of my travels with her but eventually I decided she needed a companion, obviously I picked a male, who hatched as a dark horse norn, Blotchy.

Strippy  Blotchy

They had lots of fun together and I was surprised when eventually I realised Strippy was pregnant! I was extremely happy and watching the breeders kit i was surprised to see the numbers increase - at first I erroneously thought she had twins...

Generation 2

After a short while Glob was born, also as dark as his father - remember that I had no idea at this point that blonde females and brunette males are the same breed.

Then disaster struck. Apart from a brief introduction to the game and preliminary help with teaching Strippy, my sister had not shown me a lot of the game and I had neglected to encourage my norns to feed, too late my norns became very lifeless, with very low life forces, my sister tickled my norns, telling them to sleep...
I stared horrified and sad. But then determination filled me - using injections from the science kit to keep my dying norns awake, I forced, encouraged and urged my norns from beneath the temple to the sanctuary of the garden. I don't remember how long I struggled to feed them, but eventually I saved all three. 

Generation 3

After a while I realised that Glob needed a mate of his own, even though he was only a child I was thinking ahead. So to the hatchery I went again and out came an extremely pale norn totally unlike my existing three. I named her Lisa unknowing of what hijinks she would bring.

Strippy and Blotchy had probably begun to get old by the time Lisa was old enough to breed, and she begat three children to Glob: Jeff, Lucy and Sarah.

Lisa Glob

Sadly Lucy died as a child, the computer crashed and she was lost forever. The death of Lucy  was hurtful to me as she was the first norn I ever lost. This event was probably what spurred me to start backing up all my norns.
(Only Amy and Beth of Genersation 4 are available for downloading as they are the amongst the first ones I backed up when I began to do so.)


**** ten month break ***


The Second Family

I realised that Glob and Lisa's children would need mates, so I hatched two new eggs, one of each sex. Linda looked exactly like Lisa, and Bongo had Blotchy/Glob's head and a fluffy norn's body and limbs. These two norns had three sons together: Jake, Mike and Andy.

Linda & Bongo

Here's where the trouble started, Lisa obviously began to get more randy and Glob was not enough for her, first turning to her own son - Jeff, mating with him twice to produce Mandy and Dave, then she turned to Bongo, the father of the second family group, to produce Cathy. Lisa was my first super-breeder and incestuous norn - very disturbing when this first occurred, but I have come to realise that this as nornal behaviour.

This is a complete anthology of the first three generations.

Generations 4 and 5

Gen 4 to 6 tree

The two most important norns to me at this time were Mandy and Mike, they were of banana norn type which was relatively new to me at this point, so I over-bred them and overran my gene pool with their descendants! Mandy and Mike were my particular favourites at this time.

Mark and Gary are horse norns I took from the hatchery to increase the number of this breed.

Jane, Jill & Sue were not bred as there were too many females, especially Banana norns

As not all norns were backed up, I only have Beth, Amy and Mark from generation four. Only  Zack, Eric, Phoebe, Babs remain of generation five. All in generation six onwards have been backed up.

Notice Babs the antisocial norn and Sue the horny sleeper whose mutations are detailed on this page.


The Treehouse Family

Mandy and Mike were my favourite norns of the third generation. Although technically Mandy and her brother Dave were in the fourth generation, beneath their father Jeff, I considered them to be in the third generation alongside the other children of Lisa. I only recently accepted my error and altered the family tree accordingly.

Mandy  Mike

Both Mandy and Mike were pure banana norns and at that time this was my favourite breed. I kept them in the canopy, allowing them free reign in the area from the treehouse to the grendel tree. In total they had four children: Eric, Zack, Phoebe, Jenny. Who themselves had a total of twelve children, in fact exactly two thirds of the next generation.

Generations 6 to 8

gen 6 to 9 tree

This is when I began to instate stronger control over my norn's breeding, reducing inbreeding, adultery and incest. I was forced to import some of Cyberlife's six-pack females to solve a shortage (Dion, Buffy & Sharla), I also imported the immortal highlander Caya.

Notice Max the first lame norn, whose crippling mutation is detailed on the mutants page.

Generation 9

This time was when I gave up on my strict control of the norns, which had removed most of the fun, hence this generation grew explosively.
Note the presence of Phil - my most prolific morn breeder who was nevertheless relatively faithful to Dana. Mork and Mindy to the left were my first pair of mountain norns so I let them have many offspring.
I had already had Alice, an earlier PMN my mate Saz gave me, but she had very few PMN descendants.


New Blood

 I imported many new norns from various sources - cyberlife sixpacks, my friends computers and 3rd party norns. As this was a time of population expansion, their descendants eventually numbered over half of the population.

In the next few generations I gradually increased my control over the breeding of my norns until most were forced to be monogamous. There were 22 norns in generation nine.


The Rise

I got extremely bored at his point, all I seemed to be doing was importing two norns, teaching them, waiting for them to breed, then exporting them. I decided to let my norns breed as they wanted and as a result, the number of norns increased to 52 norns in generation ten!

Generation 10 and 11

gen 10 to 12 tree

Here I reinstated an increasing severe breeding system in a hope to reduce the number of norns per generation without preventing individual norns from breeding.
Most norns only had a single child here.

Notice Dale, who was sterile, his mutation is detailed here.

Generations 12  and 13

Here my regime slackened slightly, leading to a second but less severe peak of population numbers.
Nev, Derreck and Paul were not allowed to breed from as there were too many males in that generation.

Notice the presence of Foxy and Nancy, first generation Ron and Forest norns respectively.

Generations 14 and 15

This was probably the most annoying era - stuck between trying to reduce norn population and enjoying the game, and not ending up getting much of either. :-(

Generation 15 was when I ceased to backup my norns as .exp files, later I saved them all as .gen files to save having to export them.

Generation 16 to 19

gen 16 to 20 tree

I finally realised that if I was ever to have fun in the game again I needed to drastically reduce the population. I managed to reduce it quickly to eight in generation 18  - but there was little room for expansion. The new era finally began properly in generation 20.

Acer still wasn’t adult at 3 hours so I forced his ageing.
Aeran had trouble laying egg – C-section was used on her.
Abram, Aizy and 
Booger had little legs as adults.

Bianca – her oestrogen cycle did not begin at puberty, so it was started artificially.
Cill has the wood genome, was adult at 59 minutes.
Cutey was a poor breeder and eater (just like his dad Billie) received pain when eating. Died of starvation.


The Fall

I realised something had to change or the game would be unplayable. I decided to strictly control the numbers of norns until they were down to low numbers and the game was again fun to play.

Only occasional norns were not allowed to breed, usually due to severe disabling mutations or extremely bad personality defects. But now I was determined to reduce the population to just 8. After a while I had to maintain the process of breeding similar looking norns together to reduce the loss of variation. Generation 17 is down to just eleven norns.

False Start

With the alpha generation at just eight norns and the beta generation only up to five, I have managed to temporarily attain an Albia with all my norn living concurrently.
I realised that the number of norns per generation must be extremely low - five or less to work properly.

Generations 18 and 19 are technically in Cohort 1, but are detailed here as they are the last norns to be seperated by generation.