el Norno

El Norno


Native Tongues

Although breeders typically teach their creatures their local variation of Handish,
when norns and grendels are born, their vocabulary is filled randomly from a list of "Nornish" and "Grendalese" words.

ba arg
bab beh
bibble bih
boop bilp
bub buh
coo bleh
daa flabber
dat graaaah
dis grah
doo grish
flib narg
flub nug
foo oogle
gaa urg
goo urrh

Although there are no native geat/shee or ettin languages

Here are some common sentence structures used by creatures:


Structure Description
verb noun
[Name] verb  "I will do this"
[Name] noun  "I will do something to this"
[Name] verb noun  "I will do this to this"
[Name] adjective  "I am feeling X"
verb yes noun rare - yes after verb

yes, no, look etc. are meta-verbs

Thanks go to Shea Swissdorf and Daljit of NORN for their help composing the following pronunciation guide:


WordPronunciation of the Nornish
Yes "chin-pa" (or "Chee pah")
No no-ho
Push "yah bay bee" (or "Yow beh bee")
Run "Ching-so" (or "Chee pee doh")
Pull Yow bah bee go
Right Mah he yo ga
Left Yow be pah
Why Yo dee
runNorn Chee fur fur dee
Rest Chee rob dee
What Yo doh
Stop Doh rah dih
Drop Mah po heh
Look Yow pah peh
Come Oh beh gaa
Get Yow gaa doh
Food Doh-rah-soo (soo pronounced "zo")
(or "Doh rah doh") 
Hand Mah-rah-soo (soo pronounced "zo")
Drink mah hoa hah
Hand Yah rah doh
Toy to-he (or "hee hoo" or "Doh dih"?)
Norn Doh rah dee
Plant Oh he yo ho
Computer Beh beh fur bee gaa
Lonely Yow he rah dee
Crowded Mah beh beh gaa
Sad Mah bee
Hurt Ray fur coe
Hot Yow ho
Cold Doh rob doh
Hungry Ray ree rob coe
Tired Ray rob pah
Sleepy Doh ee yo rob pah
Loneley Yow pee rob dih
Scared Chee he yo fur pah
Bored Yo beh pah
Angry Yo he yo poe