Converting Breeds

(1) Firstly decide which breed you wish to convert, then check out this page for the appropriate file names.

(2) Then make sure you copy all the sprites (.spr files) from the "images" directory and the body data (.att files) from the "body data" directory.
Make sure you copy all the files for both sexes and all ages.

(2b) You might find that a batch file with the following content will be useful:

md conv
copy ?2?e c:\conv
copy ?6?e c:\conv

This will copy all ettins of breed "e" to the directory given. Note that to make batch files you merely create a text file in the appropriate directories with the above content, then rename it to .bat and run the resultant file.

(3) Then rename all the files to a C1 breed value (numbers instead of letters), you can use the following batch file content:

ren ???z.* ???6.*

This will rename all files from breed z to 6

(4) Then delete the copies that begin with M and N, these aren't used in C1.

(5a) Open the a???.spr files using BobCob then rearrange the images in the following way:

Original Order Final Order Description
0 to 3 0 to 3 head angles facing right eyes open
4 to 7 4 to 7 head angles facing left
8 & 9 8 & 9 normal front and back
28 10 happy
48 11 sad
68 12 angry
10 to 13 13 to 16 head angles facing right eyes closed
14 to 17 17 to 20 head angles facing left
18 & 19 21 & 22 normal front and back
38 23 happy
58 24 sad
78 25 angry

(5b) Then delete the remaining sprites

(5c) Perhaps an easier way is to select all the images from 20 to 119, then unselect the ones you want to keep
(28, 38, 48, 58, 68 & 78) and delete the rest. Then rearrange what you are left with.

(5d) Make sure the files have a width of a multiple of 8

(6) Lastly, and most importantly you must convert the actual files from s16 (Creatures 2) or c16 (Creatures 3) to .spr format using BobCob's Sprite Editor.

(7) Now all you have to do is copy these files to the appropriate Creatures directories, and make a .gen file using the Gene Manipulator tool in Creatures Editor that uses the correct species by altering the Genus gene, and the correct breed by editing the four Appearance genes.

(8) The easiest way to trial this new breed is to use Creatures Genetic Manipulator to inject a creature into Albia.

Note: to convert breeds between breed slots within C1 use all the above steps except 4 and 5.

Also: Make sure all image files have a width that can be divided by 4, or the game will not display it correctly