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Extra information about script commands hard to classify..




vrsn  #I found this command in the Cave Flies creations script, I assume it keeps track of version number.
This means you could remove all previous versions.
mcrt  x yMoves a carrot to x, y and moves the camera with it.
scrp family genus species event 

All the rest of this macro is to be installed in the system as a Script, making it available as a new/replacement script for a given type of object and a given event. This command should normally be the first in the macro.

DDE programs can thus install new scripts into the world by 'executing' the required script, heading it with a SCRP command. Family, genus and species are numbers that identify the type of object - they relate to the top three bytes of the object's Classifier.

Note: each of these parameters is a BYTE value (0-255), rather than the absolute value for that byte i.e. A Simple Object's Family parameter is 2, not 0x02000000.

The species, family and genus parameters can be zero - this works like a wild card.

Event is the number of the event that will invoke this script, see this page for a list of script events.

scrx family genus species event Remove any script with this description from the Scriptorium, useful for removing scripts no longer required, and usually used in uninstallation cobs.
touc obj1 obj2 Returns 1 if these two objects are in contact, 0 if they are not.
Example: doif touc targ ownr gt 0 means do if owner and target objects are touching.
rtar family genus species Randomly targets a member from the given classification, if any exist.
totl family genus species Counts the number of objects in the world that have this classification.
Family, Genus and/or Species can be zero to act as wild cards.
Example: setv totl 4 2 0 returns the number of grendels.