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   Thanks go to the organisers of the Creatures Community Spirit Festival and Creatures Cave
celebrating this Cyberlife product and for making the community what it is today.


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I would like to make a dedication to those old great websites that are no longer maintained, due to various reasons.
I sincerely hope that those who can reopen their fantastic sites would do so.

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       I would also like to acknowledge some special people without whom this website would not have come about:
Jenny Jane -
For introducing me to the game in the first place, for rearing Arch (originator of the Barren Female mutation), and for being a fantastic sister full of great advice.
Jomish -  The guy who lead me to produce a website and patiently taught me some good netiquette, general grammar and web-editing skills.
Gnomey/Nai -

For being a great friend, a patient landlady, and for stewarding the world where Willow the drunkarn walking norn was born.
Squirrel King - The wonderful man I intend to spend the rest of my life with.
The reason I have a lovely allotment to retreat to.
Also a great teacher in language, especially linguistics and grammar.
He also named many of my recent creatures.
He is the reason I have galliform dinosaurs in my life, and have a home with two plant-filled yards, and many houseplants. and now a dog!
GirlySatan -
My primary Beta Tester and script checker. Their Creatures website can be found here which is an amazingly thorough resource for cobs and script information.

They also host
a mirror of my website, which I am very grateful for.
They also have a blog and a Discord Server, and broadbact on Twitch, where they sometimes play Creatures in a bespoke world.

SazStar -

Who is a fine friend, and helped to feed my interest in the early days.
We went together on a train ride to the biggest nearby city, Manchester, just to get on the very early internet and download cobs and norns!
I would particularly like to thank her for being the steward of the world that produced Dawn, the first Daybreak Norn.
Mike C -  A proof-reader, general décor adviser, grammar specialist, and a source of good advice.

Thank you to evryone who gave advice and feedback, thanks to all the fanmail, including deliveries of lost files,
and new norns to investigate, I have enjoyed thoroughly the community that has sprung up around this fascinating little game / life simulator.
Also thanks to the various beta testers I've had over the years, and the patience of friends who have sat through the ideas I learned from, or from subjects adjacent to this simulator.
Thanks to the designers, engineers and staff of Cyberlife (and other companies who worke on the series),
especially Steve Grand whose thought-child this game is.


A note about copyright:

Creatures was designed and created by Cyberlife
The intellectual property belongs to those they sold it to, and subsequent companies it was sold it to.
It has been over 25 years since its release and although it has been re-released by other companies it is effectively Abandonware
Any cobs, creatures, worlds, art or programs made for this game fall under fair use and cannot be copyrighted, and technically consitute copywright enfringement.
The developers kindly allowed and encouraged their fans to freely create things for their games and share them.
Although it would be nice to ask permission to edit or upload every single file I share on this site, it would not be practical.
The game is very old, and many of the websites have fallen into disuse and collecting these files is a matter of preservation.
I would like to sincerely apologise to anyone upset by this.

 I have received very, very few complaints in the twenty years I have had this policy, and the few I have had, have been very polite.
99% of my feedback has been very positive and grateful that I share freely without adverts or even a membership system.

 I would like to point out that my website is largely a digital museum for the preservation of these artefacts, and not a money making scheme,
or a concious attempt to portray them as my own creations.

I have never made a single penny on anything I have uploaded, and do it purely for the joy of it.

I try to provide files as is, and do my best to give full credit to the creator and always provide links to their website, if it is defunct I have linked to the archived version on Wayback Machine or similar.

I always try to give credit on every upload of my own, and am concious that my contributions, like all others, are based on earlier ones.
 Virtually everyone in the community is perfectly fine with borrowing code and sharing creations, as can be seen in such a profusion of creativity surrounding the series.

 This goes both ways, I myself am happy when people share and modify my creations, even if they find flaws! I have seen much copying of code between various cobs for example,
it's a great time saver and a great way to learn how to make your own code, without learning every single command before you start.

Please remember that this is a community of sharing, and to share someone else's work is to show that they enjoy it and want more people to love it too.
As they say: "Mockery is the most sincerest form of flattery."