My Norn Downloads

A complete list of norns on this site that originate, or joined my Main Population.
This does not include any of my experiments, new breeds or some of my wolfling runs.

Many are found on other pages especially Mutants and Daybreak, but some are only found here.

If you are having trouble breeding norns in your world, I have a pack of Thirteen Super Breeders for you to download, from across the generations.
They are the norns who have had the most children, although unfortunately some are in .gen form so they might not be quite so fertile as the ones I raised due to behavioural differences.


Norns From Other Worlds
Generation Name Photo Description
7 Alice alice.jpg (9459 bytes) From SazStar our first PMN,
I had none in my world, so I asked for a copy of her.
7 Caya - From Rutger, one of his Highlander norns
14 Vickey - From SazStar mother of Dawn
15 Arch - From Jenny Jane. origin of  the Barren gene
15 Dawn dawn.gif (11242 bytes) First immortal Daybreak mother of Mooki.
She has had fifteen children by ten mates so far.
16 John
john.gif (10870 bytes) Fast ager and his normal brother, sons of Dawn.
1 Willow willow.jpg (8234 bytes) From Gnomey, always drunk due to a mutation
Norns Born In My Worlds
Generation Name Photo Description
4 Beth
- The first three norns I backed up. Amy and Mark are regular norns, Beth had seven kids by three mates making her the first super breeder.
5 Babs babs.gif (12724 bytes) Has an Antisocial mutation, making her effectively sterile.
6 Sue sue.gif (10094 bytes) The Horny Sleeper,
she will require constant stimulants to remain awake.
Max max.gif (10716 bytes) A genetically paralysed norn,
he will need starch injections to thrive.
9 Phil
- Phil was the first super breeding male,
ten kids by four mates.
Steph had seven by two.
11 Dale dale.gif (10328 bytes) A sterile norn, but healthy otherwise.
16 Mooki
mooki.gif (12027 bytes) Immortal children of Dawn and Nigel
17 Bobby - Immortal children of Mooki, grandchildren of Dawn.
Sam is a mortal.
20 Billie cut+bil.gif (11850 bytes) Has the Painful Eating mutation.
21 Cutey Clone son of Billie, so has the same mutation.
23 Freya freya.gif (10503 bytes) A Barren norn, any female norn with this gene cannot breed naturally.
32 Ophi ophi.gif (11681 bytes) Has the scaredy cat mutation, which can make her a bit of a loner.
39 Vroom vroom.gif (11383 bytes) He has the Gut Rot mutation, causing hunger to become pain.
45 Bulb - This is my most super breeding male,
He had thirteen kids by nine mates.
70 Alicia - A super breeder, had
seven  kids by five mates
71 Burly - A super breeder, had
nine kids by four mates
89 Teena teena.gif (11235 bytes) She has a mutation rendering her Incapable of giving birth naturally.
95 Zeppel - A super breeder, had
eight kids by five mates
116 Uddum - A super breeder, had
nine kids by six mates
122 Aris aris.gif (10768 bytes) She has a mutation meaning she cannot digest starch. until she is an adult
123 Brenda brenda.jpg (6815 bytes) She has mutations meaning eating reduces sleepiness, and has non-progressing pregnancy
127 Feagle feagle.gif (12532 bytes) Patient zero, the earliest norn noted to have The Rage gene.
132 Jingo - A super breeder, had
nine kids by four mates
Koboi - A super breeder, had
nine kids by five mates
Kwaig kwaig.gif (11460 bytes) Sadly he was still born, available for study.
137 Penni - A super breeder, had
eight kids by three mates
140 Sozu - A super breeder, had
nine kids by six mates
154 Gerlo - Paralysed, mutation has same effect as the one inflicting Max.
160 Megan - Most super breeding mortal female, she had ten kids by four mates.