3rd Party Rooms

These three cobs are the three main room cobs made by people beside myself.


Name, Room Number & Image Creator Description

Cloud 9 Room

(Room 40)
Cloud 9
Alastair Maggs
(Ali Maggs)
Creates a new room above the beehives with lots of food including a tree, a rose border, a carrot patch and  a coffee jug.

This cob also installs a tube whereby creatures can enter and leave Cloud 9 from the upper windmill area.

I updated the removers to make sure they removed all added scripts.
Note: It needs the Shee Seed launcher  to be installed first
Atlantis Room

(Room 41)

Creates a new room under the ocean, with food and toys, accessible  via a teleporting touch stone on the island.

It also adds a volcanic eruption on the mountain above the garden, with lava drops falling from the sky.

The pack includes cobs to remove the fish and submarines that otherwise will float through the room.
Garden Treehouse

(Room 43)


Creates a room above the garden. It has a rail and edible Magical Fairy Flowers.