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 N  3 !!!

This is the next step in the project, I am not content with merely different sexes.

I have a list of goals that i will use as a checklist:


Breedable when smaller Done by making adult norns appear like children, being born "old" within less ageing.
Then they "age" later, and grow larger.
Males never become fully grown should be relatively easy, the main problem being in making small old sprites
Males with red horns and blue eyes, also generally spikier
Should be an effort to alter all the sprites, a straightforward but arduous task. Above is a preliminary example
Females with red eyes and bluish tinge to hair or blue tails. Also to be generally fluffier
Make pregnancies faster, with twins possible I hear you cry "not possible" but I know it can happen. I had a whole race of norn I made called bunny norns, each capable of producing twin eggs from single pregnancies. Due to a kink in the progesterone curve in late pregnancy, so that the birth registers twice before the pregnancy is ended.
Different personalities for males and females.
aggressive, temperamental males and randy maternal .females.
Just a case of altering and sex-linking instincts and a few reactions
Pensioners crawl A simple matter of using baby pose
genes for pensioners as well
Link female hormones to sex drive - norns mate when fertile I could make oestrogen the only source of Sex Drive