These amazing norns were released as part of the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2016

I was so impressed with them, I had to devote a whole page to them.

They use partially implemented code, that was used in C2 to make tails, but was unused in C1.
This code was used to make wings. They also use Jessica's baby male norn body data fixes.

Their author is Allekha, who said:

"Norns with wings that flap about and fold in sometimes, based on Tarlia and Kezune's fixed genome. Fit in slot 0, 1, and 2, without overwriting original breeds.

I don't recommend crossing them with norns that have body slots 3 and above, as it will look strange due to the body data not being there (yet).

They should cross-breed okay with non-winged norns; however, they may not inherit all of the pose gene edits and so might not move their wings as much. 

Perhaps that's realistic, the cross-breed not quite inheriting everything they need."

Slot 0Slot 1Slot 2


NOTE - they do not currently actually fly, but you can let them live in the sky by installing these cobs:

Cloud 9 (above), Olympia (below) & Olumpas rooms.

Their author is Trix, who said:

"An addition to the 2016 CCSF C1 Wingie Pack by Allekha...  Santa Norns have bright white angels wings, Purple Mountain Norns look cute with their bright little elf wings. Forest Norns stay true to their origins by having purple dragonfly wings and the Ron Norns are reliving Halloween with their cute little vampire bat wings... Sometimes Iíve found that the wingies glitch. They usually grow out of it. You can also try exporting and re-importing them."

 There's no picture of Lionel as he glitches out in my world and I'm not sure why, so no image as of yet.

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