Ron Norns

The very first norn breed is known as Ron norns after a famous early member of that breed.

The release of the game had unusaed sprites called full and body containing these sprites using an old palette.

Later, they released a polished version of this breed in 1997.

Later still, fans resurrected the original sprites as the  Psychadelic Ron and Silver Earthen norns.

More recently a C3 breed on a similar theme called Snow Foxes was relased.

Bedalton did a great job restoring the palette of the full.spr and so could release the Proto Rons :-)


0?Ron, Ron 2, Eve, CainThe original norn sprites, the first norn Ron, his mate Eve and their kid Cain are amongst the first.Cyberlife1996?
Ron Norns 6 Vixy & Foxy A modification of the original norn breed. 1997
adelic Ron Norns
6 - Based on Full.spr sprites
Only uses adult male head and body sprites

of Creature Comforts


Silver Earthen
8 unnamed Based on Full.spr sprites, females based on female Ron sprites Darcie 2002
Snow Foxes J unnamed Recoloured and modified Ron sprites for C3 using CV & DS elements Erling 2007
Proto Ron6Betty (F)
Rudy (M)
A restored version of the full.spr which is the very original C1 norn breedBedalton2022