Packs of Creatures

I took a while to get round to adding all the packs, there were many, preserved here for posterity.
I have done a limited analysis of them, to determine obvious mutations and genetic relationships between them.

Note that there may be some errors in the family trees due to the fact that early gengineers used to swap MUM and DAD genomes with others.
This was so they could hack the Hatchery to make any cross they desired, this was before programs and cobs allowed it to be done more easily.

Hatchery norns are labelled:



Description / Picture Members

Original Cyberlife
Six Pack

The first release of norns by Cyberlife.
They have improved eating and obedience, though I've not checked if this is genetic or training.
Jarvis, Sharla, Dion, Melvin, Buffy and Teesha.

Cyberlife Ten

The second release.
Deablo 4_deablo.gif (4134 bytes) These norns are derived from the test genome. Possibly with genetic alterations, I've not checked yet. Deablo
Pammy 4_pammy.gif (3676 bytes) Pammy
Sassy 4_sassy.gif (3868 bytes) Sassy
Sparky 4_sparky.gif (3422 bytes) Sparky




Antony Q Bachler's Norn Packs

Various norns with some mutations.
Many are immortal


Description / Picture Members

Six Pack 1

- I do not have this pack -?

Six Pack 2

Frumpy & Manfred are hatchery norns, Pammy is a clone of TEST.gen
Marilyn is the daughter of Deablo
Coreen, Frumpy, Henry, Menfred, Marilyn, Pammy
Six Pack 3
- I do not have this pack - ?
Six Pack 4 Deamon is a first gen grendel.
Missy & Mister are hatchery norns
Yoo loves to eat.
The supernorns are immortal
Deamon, Missy, Mister, Yoo, supernorn male and female
Six Pack 5
Julie is the mother of Gigi in pack 7
Denise, Jesus, Skuld, Tina and santa baby

Six Pack 6 This is a Highlander pack

Edele is gen two
Evet is gen three
Caya & Elise are a gen four
Fox is gen five
Ferrisa is mortal gen one
Caya, Elise, Evet, Ferrisa and Fox
Six Pack 7One has ten lobes

Has a norn similar to Sweet mutation
Julie was bred by Le Faou and is always happy
Freak is the child of Buffy from the first 6-pack
Anne, Ben ade, Freak, Gigi, Grass and Julie (Same as pack 5)
Six Pack 8Edele is a second gen Highlander norn
Sweet is the first Sweet norn
The other two are also immortal

Contains a copy of the Pill cob to control the immortal norns' reproductivity.
Alice is a daughter of Santa '96
Alice, Edele, Sweet, Timmy, supernorn male and female
(same supernorns as pack 4)
Six Pack 9
- I do not have this pack -?




Michael Fahey's Norn Packs

Various norns with some mutations.
Many cannot eat due to mutation.


Description / Picture Members

Six Pack 10

Drake is the brother of Ken in Pack 12.
Cherry is the child of Tester from pack 14
Alun, Cherry, Darkness, Drake, Edward and Honker

Six Pack 11

Helen is Drake's mate,
John is a son of Santa, he has his arms

Jan is sick
Gwyn, Helen, Howard, James, Jan and John

Six Pack 12 Julie is at 15% health, she is the mother of Robert in Pack 13.
Rachs is a loner
Julie, Ken, Moan, Nick, Norman and Rachs
Six Pack 13 Sacher cannot eat.

Sassy has Dark Norn mutation
Robert, Rupert, Sacher, Sam, Santa (1996) and Sassy

Six Pack 14 Sharla may have a gait mutation.
Tester is from a test.gen egg.
Randa is a grenorn.
Randa, Sharla (from Cyberlife's 6 pack), Sheen,
Simdy, Sparky and Tester
Six Pack 15 A Grendel four pack, Grenna is female
Grendels 1 & 2,
Grenna & Grens
Six Pack 16Arnie is 11 hours oldArnie, Daisy, Fluff (from 10 pack), Indigo, Kong and Suzi

Six Pack 17Boby is another son of Andy

Busful, Champy and Oddball are grenorns.
Boby, Busful, Ceri, Champ,
Oddball, and Sam (from Pack 13)
Six Pack 18
Peapoo is currently very ill, he is probably a son of Santa.
Dave, Liam, Peapoo, Poppy and Robert
Six Pack 19
- I do not have this pack -?