This is the first cohort of 26 generations named alphabetically by generation.
All norns from now on are kept in the world at once.
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Generation 18 A1 Generation 31 N1
Generation 19 B1Generation 32 O1
Generation 20 C1Generation 33 P1
Generation 21 D1Generation 34 Q1
Generation 22 E1Generation 35 R1
Generation 23 F1Generation 36 S1
Generation 24 G1Generation 37 T1
Generation 25 H1Generation 38 U1
Generation 26 I1Generation 39 V1
Generation 27 J1Generation 40 W1
Generation 28 K1Generation 41 X1
Generation 29 L1Generation 42 Y1
Generation 30 M1Generation 43 Z1

April 2002 to January 2003

Read on to see family trees and stories about my norns.

Generations 18 to 19

See Cohort 0 for some more details.

These two generations are still part of the old regime of breeding one generation at a time, a time consuming and boring task.

Cohort 1 starts for real in the next generation.

Generations 20 to 25

gen 20 to 26 tree


After several false starts, crashes and
generations that were too large, I managed to get my population under control.

Generation 20 had just five norns, four descendants of my stock and Cill - a horse norn with a wood norn genome. They live with their living descendants in a world where norns are only exported if they are suffering.

The early part of the new era is marked by three individuals -  super mums Golly and Drippy. Long-lived Danny who had many offspring over seven generations. He lived for at least 22 hours. He even outlived the four generations beneath him.

Duna became adult at only 42 minutes old! Donza has gene that gives him pain when he eats made him a bad eater so he was exported.

All norns were infected at same time to see if they can be made tougher.
Old Danny, baby Folic, Frog and only one female - Freyja are the only ones to survive the artificial plague.
Freyja was unfortunately ssterile!!

Folic, who was the only fertile male was cloned to create Golly, Evyte was also cloned from Drippy.

Second plague kills all but Danny, Hilly, Hanzel, Izzy, Ig, Jonny. Last female Hilly is sterile, so Io was made from Hanzel (just before he died of disease),
Io was genetically modified to be of the white fluffy breed as all norns of this time are either horse or banana.

Generations 26 to 32

gen 26 to 33 tree


Towards generation 33 and onwards, many generations only have one or two norns in them as the tree stretches out and many norns chose to breed with norns of the generations above and below them.

The next part of the new era is dominated by Io who begat most of the children over five generations, until she died of old age and her daughters took over.

Danny (aged 19h) has child by Io (1h 40m) his great-great-great-grand-daughter

Kaleb has a mysterious sterility, no/low testosterone, despite being a father of two.

Note Ophi the scaredy cat norn.

A third epidemic left Nu, Nim & Noof. Noof was euthanised. 

Ophi had a mutation in fear receptor, making her a fraidy-cat

The end of this era was marked by a fourth epidemic killing all norns except Pod!! This occurred when I was away from my computer having lunch.

This is known to me as the "Pod Genetic Bottleneck".

Generations 33 to 42

gen 33 to 43 tree

After an epidemic killed all when I was having lunch except Pod,
a new era began with Pod as the new "Adam".
I created for him a mate from his own blood - Qutie.

Another epidemic killed off all but Pod and Tiara

Note Vroom who suffered from Gut Rot.

A plague I started killed Wonka, Woop, Xon, Xilla, Xophi and Xojae.

Generation 43

This generation is described in Cohort 2