Population Control


There are several measures put in place to keep the  population below twelve, although some can be altered.

Note there are few such restrictions for grendels, ettins or shee populations.



No. Of Norns Effect Source Details
8+ No creatures can be imported Hard wired Even recently dead norns are counted, as long as they are still in the norn menu
Note that creatures can be injected using third party programd or cobs.
Hatchery closes Scripted Eggs can still hatch in the wild
Incubator shuts down Can be by-passed by 24 Norn World cob

Or by using Egg Unpauser
12+ Females can't
become pregnant
This may be true but you can get multiple females pregnant when there are 11 or less norns.

This can also be bypassed by the
24 Norn World cob
Eggs in wild won't hatch This can't be bypassed by using Egg Unpauser cob, but can be by No Eggs Birth instead, which makes them give birth to live young.