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Collatz Conjecture
(working up from 1, numbers below 1000)

A chart of numbers and the most square rectangle they can be.
Primes end up very tall, square numbers are actually square.
Below is a later version continued up to 100
A diagram of numbers and their divisors.
Yellow is prime numbers, blue is highly composite numbers.
Coloured products of division are all whole numbers.
The black line joins square numbers.

Cistercian Numbers

Invented by medieval monstary

Four Fours
Solutions to the first sixty numbers
Te key shows an explanation to the units used and how they are made fo fours.
The idea here is to make as many nubmers as possible using four "4" and as many operands as needed.
Note that power numbers count.

A chart of numbers and their word length
Number types as a Euler diagram
If you have details or fixes for this, please let me know

Origami bases relationships
Polygon types tree
If you know of more terms for pentagons, please let me know

Sprouts maths game diagram