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(including horror)
Addam's Family
(1964 onwards)
TV and film based upon books, family tree
below is an older simpler version
A Song of Ice and Fire

Major players from each house
(not fully up to date) 
family tree of all major houses
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
relationships diagram
Vampires diagram
Chronicles of Narnia
family tree

family tree

Linking Ariel, Belle and Hercules
family Madrigal
family tree
The Flintstones
family tree
cartoon, family tree
Little monster movies
(1984 to date)
timeline of movies similar to Gremlins

Locke and Keye
TV based on graphic novels, family tree
Lord of the Rings
elven family tree
half- elven family treedwarven family tree
Comics / graphic novel spin off from Sandman

Near Dark
Family tree
Once Upon A Time
(2011 to 2018)
TV and graphic novels
Family trees
Peter Pan and the Darlings
(1904 onwards)
plays,  books, movies and  TV

Books and short stories by Terry Pratchett
Zombie movies pedigree
Beginning with:
Night of the Living dead
Family tree
The Sandman
comic & tv,
family tree
film & stage, based on book.

family trees
Slasher Movies
(1959 to date)
movies, series and books
Timeline of series

The Vampire Chronicles
(1976 to 2018)
movies and books
Sire to fledgeling family tree

play and book, family tree
The Wizarding World
family tree