The Structure of ATT Files

There are twelve .att files for each specific creature (specific age, species, sex and breed),
with the first letters running from A to L

Each contains 10 rows and 4 columns
With the exception of the body (B), which has 12 columns (the last 2 are zeros)

These files are used by the Creatures games to detail how to connect (or "attach") breed images together

Joints Norn .att
A norn with blue dots showing where his joints are

Body ATT

The .att file for the body has twelve columns.

The first pair is for the head,
the second for the left leg,
then the right leg,
left arm,
right arm
(Then  tail in C2),

There are ten rows of numbers - these correspond to
the ten poses.

Upper Legs (thighs) ATT

Like the head, the upper legs have just four sets of numbers.

The first pair is the hip joint,
and the second is the knee joint.
Realize that from here on, everything is in pairs.
C is for the left hip, while F is for the right.

There will be a separate .att file for the opposite body parts - they are simply mirror images.


Lower Legs (Calves) ATT

Again, there are four columns for the lower legs.
The attachment points here are the knee and the ankle.


Foot ATT

There are two attachment points for the foot.
These are the ankle and the ground (sole of the foot).


Upper Arm ATT

The upper arm also has two attachment points.
These are the shoulder and the elbow.

Lower Arm (forearm) ATT

Like the foot, the lower arm has two attachment points --

the elbow and the hand.

We can presume the second value serves as a pointer for telling the game
where an object being held should attach to the hand.