Original SPR files

NOTE: name meaning is not included where the meaning of the name is extremely obvious

For a complete gallery of third party sprites, listed in order of script, go to Girly Satan's Creatures.

Red = from Life Kit, Christmas or object packs from Cyberlife
Purple = background and scenery objects
Grey = unused in final game

SPR name  Meaning
Of Name
Sprites Content
anim  animated seahorse, jellyfish, angelfish, also wind sock, humming birds, auvi screen & projector, radio
Back  background the entire Albian background, split into 464 squares
ball ? the red and white ball
bbds blackboards original images for teaching computer
(not used in game)
bees  ? flying bee with white eyes, the original ones that remain near hives.
beez  ? flying bee with black head. From update, hunts for flowers
BHRB bad herb pyrenthium, deadly nightshade, ugly tomato, campanula
boat ? boat for the small ocean
body adult banana norn body
bubb bubble creature attention bubble
bugs ? Albian Carrot Beetle
cabl cable car Cable Car from windmill to treehouse
cag2 & cage ? The Cage
can2 cannon Cannon
cart ? cart that goes in the pipe beneath the large ocean
cata catapillar All stages of Cloud Butterfly
coco coconut Coconuts
deth death grendel mother killer
disp dispenser Carrot dispenser
drop  water drop water drop splash - for caves near submarine bay
eggs ? all eggs, all colors, sizes and patterns
eyej  call for hotairballoon (unused in game)
fall ? waterfall
fish  flying fish, little seahorse, yellow angelfish
flag ? Triangular colourful flags from the treehouse
flam flames flames for torches
flwr flower beelacanth flower
food ? lemon, cheese, hairy coconut (unused), carrot
Full full body original Ron sprites, though strangely coloured
funl funnel background piece
grde grendel death images of poisoning grendel mother
greg grendel egg grendel mother laying an egg
habl hot air baloon hot air balloon (not used in game)
heli helicopter big helicopter toy
herb ? feverfew, morning glory, tomato, baobab, gentian, laburnum
hive ? beehive
holi holiday  pudding, turkey, tree, holly, mistletoe, reindeer, snowman
htch hootch hootch cup (little green alcohol drink)
ile1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b  island foreground images
incu ? incubator
indi ? creature indicator
inst instruments harp, drum, whistle (unused), trumpet, piano, dukebox
join ocean tunnel joints foreground part of join in ocean tunnel
jugs ? smashing jugs
kitc kitchen  fridge (unused), coffee, distillor, hootch cup, honey jar
land ? more foreground images
laun launcher Shee Seed Launcher
lftb ? foreground in theatre
lift ? lift & call button
lit2 & lite light xmas lights
logb log bin xmas log bin
ltvn  ?vane windmill
mil1,2,3 mill foreground images
mosq mosquitoes cave flies
mush mushroom deathcap mushroom
ncar ? carrot
ntoy ? robot, jack-in-the-box
pars parsnip carrot growing
pets ? goldfish bowl, clock, fire, microscope (unused), toy
pill pillar pillar foreground
pils pills potions and lotions
qtoy ? shower & water
raf2 ? raft
rock & rok2 ? foreground rock
scar scare grendel scarer
sce1,2,3,4,5,6,7 scenery 1 & 3 = Millhouse, 2 = Temple
4 & 7 = jungle + garden
5 = Lighthouse, 6 = Basement
smok ? smoke for chimney on house
snow ? snowflake
stop ? spinning top
subm submarine  Submarine
swmp swamp basement foreground scenery
syst  system hand images and speech bubble
tel_ & tran teleport & transport teleporter
tub1,2,3,4,5 ? ocean tube foreground images
uraf underground raft underground raft
wave ? ocean surface waves
xmpu xmas pudding burning xmas pudding


? snoring zeds