Spore Ettin v2

Spore Ettins colonise new areas via microscopic airborne zoospores.

These settle and produce a network of hyphae (fungal thread) called the Spore Mother.

The Spore Mother then extracts nutrients from the surroundings1.

spore_ettin_1.gif (26605 bytes)


Eventually when it reaches a certain size,  it begins producing eggs from it's cache of dDNA.

When a breed of ettin that has not been sampled by the Spore Mother walks on her,

it takes a dDNA sample which is mixed with the existing samples in the next batch of ettins2.

spore_ettin_2.gif (27072 bytes)

It also grows hormone sensors, and if the local ettin population is below five,
it will stimulate some of it's eggs to mature and hatch into new baby ettins.

Of course to complete the cycle, when the eggs hatch they also release a cloud of spores.
To avoid overpopulation, unrequired eggs are reabsorbed before maturation.

spore_ettin_3.gif (27864 bytes)



Don't worry, only one Spore Mother is installed, and she won't produce new colonies (maybe in a later version she will).
Note that uninstalling The Spore Mother will not remove any resident mature ettins from the world.
You need not install any of the breeds below, all necessary files are in the download.
Full credit goes to the creators of the various breeds.

Version 2:
This current Spore Mother has sampled the following breeds:
(with Leopard Gecko and TPSE being new to version 2, August 2011).

black Ettin
0 Don the Ambershee RHE23
White Norngirl's
C1 Ettins
1 Norngirl RHE5
Green plague.jpg (5770 bytes) Plague
2 Snapdragon RHE5
Blue Bean's



(converted from 0)

Bean RHE5
Red glettin.jpg (4519 bytes) Glettins 4 Norngirl & Grendelgirl RHE5
Grey lep_gecko.jpg (4482 bytes) Leopard
5 Silvak RHE2
Cyan tpse.jpg (4410 bytes) TPSE 6 Norngirl RHE2
Yellow Flame
8 Slaterbait Flam
Magenta C3 Ettin


9 Slaterbait Flam

1 This is just a fanciful thing, don't worry your Spore Mother will not require feeding.

2 Again, this is a fancy. I may release a new version at some point that can do this.

3  I tried to keep the genomes nearest to those used by the original breeds.
RHE stands for Red Happy Eater (followed by the version number). Flam refers to the Flame ettin genome.