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The Ettins, or Cyberlifogenis kleptomonicus, were the second great genetic experiment of the Shee, and became their first servants despite their sticky fingered tendencies.
They were largely unknown upon the release of Creatures, later being created by Bean to enter Albia's first incarnation.

Ettin with gadget

In Steve Grand original Mythography, he described Ettins as "small lizard-like creatures with astoundingly low intelligence" eaten by Grendels ans snacks.


In Creatures 2, the Ettin filled a similar niche to that of the Grendel. In this respect both were
(at least initially) unselectable by the user, and behaved differently from the games mainstay - the norns.


In the introductory sequence for C2, the ettins' useful side was shown - they were builders for the Shee.
Here they are rebuilding the Albian cities after the catastrophic volcano explosion:
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The artificial image of the Ettins was enhanced in C2 by the fact that their eggs were manufactured  by the "ettin mother" machine.
This was exaggerated moreso in Creatures 3 where the eggs were produced stamped thusly:

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C3 Desert Ettin

Furthermore, in Creatures 3 the Ettins were adapted to the Desert Terranium.

Here they stored the gadgets they picked up and so displayed the kleptomaniacal tendencies only previously mentioned in surrounding storylines.