Grendel Family


for Grendels
& Shee



These downloads are of non-norn creatures.

There are also some mutations and general genetically modified creatures.


(I called mine
Saraswati & Brahma)
Rainbow Shee Muppetboy The included cob adds two randomly coloured Shee .

Needs the completed Shee breed to work properly.
Grenna, Grens and two unnamed ones Six pack
Michael Fahey Grendel 1 and 2 are quite aggressive. Grenna is a friendly female.
They are all infertile.
Grens is a norn, not sure why but he's supposed to be a grendel!
Banjo, Blackness, Burple, Dupu, Fibble, Fonzo, Geble, Green, Hippie, Jottle, Klepto, Nightshade, Pottze, Rarg, Sunspot, Unstuck & Weirdo Grendel Pack Slaterbait's brother A whole host of breedable grendels.

Probably contain numerous mutations, but I have not yet checked,
Formatc Formatc ? This guy is a typical grendel, so he is infertile and grumpy. He is well trained and healthy.
-unnamed- gren1 ? I suspect this grendel is an artificially created hybrid between a grendel and a norn. I think this because he has some fertility genes that grendels usually lack, but not others.
Pansy -  ? She appears to be a fertile Boney grendel with some Life Kit genes.
Snoozy   ? This grendel is always sleepy and seems to be immortal, but I'm not sure how.
Tale & Time Infinity Ettins Slaterbait Immortal ettins from the Mechan Saga.