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Here is information on the life stages, mutability and sex dependence mentioned in the
Header page - relevant for all gene types.

No. Life Stages More info
00 Embryo In egg
01 Baby Tiny, on all fours
02 Child Walks upright, still small
03 Adolescent Fully grown, and fertile.
Effectively same stage
04 Youth
05 Adult
06 Old Turn grey and infertile




No. Mutability Sex dependence
00 none none
01 Mutable none
02 Duplicable none
03 Mutable, Duplicable none
04 Deletable none
05 Mutable, Deletable none
06 Duplicable, Deletable none
07 Mutable, Duplicable, Deletable none
08 none Male
09 Mutable Male
0A Duplicable Male
0B Mutable, Duplicable Male
0C Deletable Male
0D Mutable, Deletable Male
0E Duplicable, Deletable Male
0F Mutable, Duplicable, Deletable Male
10 none Female
11 Mutable Female
12 Duplicable Female
13 Mutable, Duplicable Female
14 Deletable Female
15 Mutable, Deletable Female
16 Duplicable, Deletable Female
17 Mutable, Duplicable, Deletable Female