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The left-hand column shows which
programs are compatible with the
GOG.com version of creatures.


 Note that some need the GOG Remastered Patch to work properly.





Author Version
GOG.comCalculatorsThis spreadsheet contains for Attributes, Class & Nutrition. It also has a simple script classification table.MuppetBoy1.0
GOG.combobcob.jpg (1999 bytes) BobCob For creating cobs, and editing sprites easily. Includes a sprite editor and a cob packager.

Download version 1.44 for Windows XP onwards made by Don.
Mark Ashton
Further work by Gordnorn & Rhodent
BobTweakI cannot get these to work, they might well be for C2, please let me know if you can get them to work.
GOG.comprog.jpg (1231 bytes)CoblistThis program will check all .cob objects in it's directory and sub directories and extract the script numbers into a text file report.Eric Leif 1.1
GOG.comborg.jpg (2151 bytes) BORG Cheat engine for Creatures. Allows for multiple instances of the game to run, injections of any chemical, exporting the grendel, creature scan and also does a few other things. Alexander
cgm.jpg (1818 bytes) Creatures Genetic Manipulator Creates creatures or eggs by either crossing two genomes
or cloning. But does not produce mutations.
coe.jpg (2910 bytes) Creatures Object Editor
A more advanced program related to BORG, though does not
have the various injectors
GOG.comCreatures CommanderCreatures CommanderFor Creatures 1 or 2 that will run scripts in the game, allowing you to test scripts before adding them to cobs, amongst a great many other things.Ernest Julyan1.0
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)Creatures Life SaverApparently this program is for backing up files in case the game, or your computer crashes whilst playing.Stefan
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)Creatures Object Source Assistant (COSA)An aid to making cobs, including vendors, infusions, food and toys.Jérémie
GOG.comcredit.jpg (2179 bytes)Creatures EditorAllows you to alter genomes, cobs, sprites & many other
aspects of the game. Includes the vcl30.dpl file it requires
to run. This is a fantastic program, highly recommended.
FMC.jpg (2443 bytes) ChemMonitor Allows you to examine the chemicals in a target
creature's bloodstream, also allows you to inject any
amount of any chemical.



GOG.comFMC.jpg (2443 bytes) Digital DNA Analyser Analyse and compare the dDNA of creatures and look
for mutations
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)ColorsAdds SPR files together making a third file.1.0
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)AddSPRScans a genome and displays the value of it's pigment genes1.1
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)GELA genetic editor for Creatures and Creatures 2, the zip contains an update for NT/2k/XP/onwards made by GreenReaper.Mike Raiford1.0.1
bmp2sprBMP to SPRFor converting between .BMP and .SPR file formats.Lee
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)CobComAn easy way to create cobs.1.02
prog.jpg (1231 bytes) GenCompare Compares any two .gen files, showing all differences
except deletions.
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)

Norn Pose

Makes images of creatures in any pose from their image files. 2.02 
GOG.comprog.jpg (1231 bytes)Norn Pose C2Same as above but for C2, which can be used for C1 breeds as they are found in that game.1.02
GOG.comgen_edit.jpg (3311 bytes) Genome Editor CJ An excellent program for creating or editing .gen files for Creatures or Creatures 2. CJ 1.2
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)Norn ExpertAids sorting .exp files by displaying the birthday, genetics, sprites, biochemistry and diseases of the creature in the file.
I added an English translation to the readme.
Creatures Unlimited Team2.96
Norn NameI'm not exactly sure what this program does as it is all in german! However it seems to name norns automatically for you.David4.4
nornhist.jpg (2240 bytes) Norn History Shows norn's genealogy, it can also create eggs
from any registered creatures.
GOG.comNorn Family TreeLoads your norn data from your Registry file, showing family relationships and Owner's kit data.Ricardo J. Méndez2.0
credit.jpg (2179 bytes)Norn FamilyMeineNorn-Familie. Shows norn's genealogy.Elisabeth
Smart Scriptorium ExtractorIt can extract a copy of all scripts in your world. Useful to look at the original scripting and for cob making.The Lone Shee1 ?
GOG.comprog.jpg (1231 bytes)TricorderWorks in Creatures or Creatures 2, it must be put in the game's main directory. When running alongside the game, it will give you information on cobs your pointer is touching.1 ?
GOG.comSpritistImage editing for all relevant formats:
SPR, S16, C16, GIF, PNG.
Sarah Gould (Moonlite)1 ?
GOG.comspriteman.jpg (2507 bytes) Sprite Builder Allows you to view, edit and convert image files.
(.S16 and C.16) between Creatures 2, 3 and DS.
This is helpful for converting between games.
A better way to start making sprite files.
Cyberlife 1.44
GOG.comOne stop sprite workshopOne Stop Sprite WorkshopAllows you to view, edit and convert image files
(SPR and .S16) from Creatures and Creatures 2.
prog.jpg (1231 bytes) Wolfling Monitor Scan for health of all creatures. Inseminate females or create new norns. Also allows for automatic naming, export. I added a .pdf version of the website's documentation.


ZeusZeusHelps you to make cobs/agents for the first three Creatures games. Also helps in making metarooms and creatures.
As it is in beta, not all features function.
FuzzieBeta 14a
winzip.jpg (1798 bytes)Quest for the Ancient SheeA very short text adventure, with a handful of rooms.Alex
prog.jpg (1231 bytes)Creatures 0A precursor DOS version of Creatures, more like an RPG, not quite complete, see this article for information.Steve Grand-
Non-Creatures Specific
winzip.jpg (1798 bytes)Required FilesContains several .dll .ocx and .vbx files required to run such programs as Nornpose, BobCob, COSA, GenCompare & Wolfing Control Monitor?-
cygnus.jpg (2240 bytes)CygnusA highly useful hex editor, useful for editing GEN, SFC
or EXP files. Especially .sfc as no programs have been created for this specific task.
SoftCircuits Programming1.0
Recommended Multimedia Software
AudacityAudacityThis is an open-source sound file editor, which supports .wav files. Useful for making sound files for your cobs.Audacity
paintshoppro.jpg (2282 bytes)PaintShop ProAn excellent program for editing images, for breeds, cobs, or websites. Also good for non-Creatures related stuff, I guess. Older versions are just as good, I've been using 9 for years.Jasc Software 
Libre OfficeThis is an open source alternative office suite that I have been using for quite a while, it's free and compatible with Microsoft products. It is based on Open Office, which is also good.LibreOffice
Recommended Interweb Software
BraveThis is my main current browser, it has built in ad blockers, private searching and vpn.Brendan Eich
OperaChromeThis is one of current browsers, it is pretty nifty. I also use it for email and cloud storage.Google
OperaOperaThis is open source. It has a built-in adblocker which speeds your surfing speed by up to three times. Note that the adblocker is turned off by default.Opera Software AS
FirefoxFirefoxAn amazingly stable and elegant program for surfing the net. It's open source, so it's free to download and use.Mozilla
KompoZerKompoZerA robust and useful WYSIWYG .htm editor, that is open source. I switched to this from Frontpage Editor, and I'm glad I did.
Note that it struggles with tables containing hundreds of elements, so occasionally it's useful to edit them with Libre Office.
File ZillaA free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application, which is what I use to upload my website updates.
It is very easy to use without bells and whistles.
Tim Kosse
Recommended Archive Software
7-ZipFree program for opening compressed file formats such as arj, iso, rar and zip. This is what I'm generally using nowadaysIgor
Extract NowFree program for opening .sit compressed files for Mac.Nathan Moinvaziri 
Universal ExtractorExtracts many kinds of archives including self-extracting .exe and .sit filesJ. Breland
WinRAREssential program for opening .rar compressed files.Eugene Roshal
WinZipEssential program for opening .zip compressed files, although unrequired for later versions of Windows.Phil Katz &
Mansfield Software Group