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Creatures Screen SaverA chaotic screen saver, must be seen to believed. Very 90s.
Made by Florian de Joannès 
417 Kb

observe.jpg (1937 bytes)

Observation Kit Lets you observe all norn's health, pregnancy status, life force, age etc. at a glance.
Originally part of Life kit #1
681 Kb
injector.jpg (2515 bytes) Object Injector All cobs need this to be installed
(needs 1.02 or later)
117 Kb
injector.jpg (2515 bytes)Object Injector v2This updated version allows easy object removal and selection.
Highly reccomended.
118 Kb
Object Pack 1  Two cob packs from Cyberlife

(needs 1.02 or later)
292 Kb
Object Pack 2 91 Kb
Life Kit Forest and Ron norns plus five new cobs, also updates Creatures to 1.03 3.9 Mb 
egg.jpg (2622 bytes)

Christmas Pack 1996

Themed Cobs for Christmas - the Santa norns are held on a this page.
Christmas '96 also has the first Object Injector
66 Kb
Christmas Pack 1996
(files already loose inside zip)
205 Kb
egg.jpg (2622 bytes) Christmas Pack 1997 282 Kb
genkit.jpg (2304 bytes) Creatures Genetics Kit The official gene editor for C1, now released for free :-) 3.35 Mb