Pictures by Cyberlife


AlbiaA photo of the original model of Geatville
Computer A banana norn at the learning computer
Creatures CD cover - frontThe classic norn hatching cover art
Creatures CD cover - back
Egg Disk coverA photo of the original egg disk
Hatching EggA norn about to hatch.
Funeral Two banana norns grieving for a third
Hatching One egg amongst three hatching a norn
IntroA norn hatching over icons for the norn lifecycle
Kissing Two banana norns kissing
Lifekit A PMN hatching
Lifekit boxart - frontLifekit box art
Lifekit boxart - back
Norn&Grendel A norn and grendel waving
Norn+Grendel A norn and grendel waving (with background)
Official GuideOfficial Guide cover art
The genetic wizard norn (waves wand)
The Golden Shee Award (rotates)
The Silver Shee Award
Suit A banana norn in a suit with a briefcase
Underwater A norn looking out of a porthole into the ocean

Pictures from Nornywood




more stamps

and yet more stamps!

Pictures by Pig Tail


Euro-Pop band
Teen drama
Country-Pop band
Comedy fantasy show
Brit-pop band


Pictures by Azumizai


Banana norns
Fox norns

Pictures by Steerpike


I think this was a cob project of his
Sweet poem

Website logos
Website logosEqual Rights for Animal Crackers!

A parody of ERFN
A debunking image of jedi/witch norns

Pictures by Steve Dismukes


Introduction to Fig
Vote for Fig!
Various one-off images


Shee Sisters
by Jesseth

They remind me of the blue aliens in Avatar

Norn breeds
by NornGirl

Green Reaper
by Skrimpf

Green Reaper is one of the names of a CC member
by Embri
All your Base
by BRF
Creatures Pool
from Creatures Unlimited
by RudeDog

A parady of Iron-Bru

Various images with unknown author


C1 expression patch, probably for C12DS

This animation was my inspiration for the Cherub cob