St. Valentine
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Eros / Cupid



There's not much specific Valentines stuff
so  is a selection of breeding and love cobs
as well as those that fit the theme.




Picture Cob Creator DescriptionYear
winefor2.gif (1373 bytes)Wine for TwoSandra J. G, Linkletter (Slink)Romantic alcoholic drink1997
magical_mask.gif (1927 bytes)Magical MaskStefan KuskeMakes nearby creatures horny
Love Herb?Makes creatures horny & lovely1998
RoseBeanAphrodisiac toy flower
ValentineSteerpikeRomantic relaxing gift
Valentines CookieSpotling
Romantic snack
Love BananaDaniel SmallmanAphrodisiac food

image by Lee Gaiteri
Pregnancy ToolkitLee Gaiteri (LummoxJRBreeding Tools
Egg Starter
Egg Pauser
Female Egg
Fertility +
Male Egg
image by Erin
Advanced Breeders DevicelMuppetboy
Pregnancy test, C-section and fertility boost2004
Statue of HerculesIncreases fertility int hose that touch him2021
Love DollJessiMakes creatures amorous2012
Love CheeseLacota & EemfooAphrodisiac food2021
To increase your odds of your creatures breeding this valentines,
try augmenting your world with these super breeding norns:

>> download here <<
All the males have had at least 9 children, and females at least 7.
Bacchus norns bred by Ricardo J Mendex
create starch when they have sex.
>> download here <<

Sweet norns are genetically modified by Keltoi to be immortal and highly sexed
>> download here <<

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