Toys & Music

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Picture Cob Creator Description
bedtime_bear.gif (1371 bytes) Bedtime Bear Cyberlife Comfort for your creatures.
norn_doll.gif (1311 bytes)Norn DollLee Gaiteri (LummoxJR)Comforting toy.
gre_doll.gif (1817 bytes)Grendel DollSpotlingA grendel version of the Norn Doll.
cnipball.gif (1100 bytes) Catnip Ball Sandra Linkletter (Slink) Releases purple mountain alcohol for their pleasure. Only affects PMN, Rona nd Forest norns.
feather.gif (1245 bytes) Feather Daniel Smallman Tickles your creatures when it touches them.
Model '57 Chevy Spirit A cute little car that I've been searching for, for years. Thanks go to Blocklockcity
mouse.gif (1305 bytes) Mouse Stefan
Clockwork toy
telly.gif (4378 bytes)
Shows the amazing sights of Albia. cob altered slightly.
video.gif (944 bytes)VCR for TVAn addon for TV, altered so it fits the new version. A raunchy video to get your breeding norns in the mood for kisspopping.
bong.gif (1318 bytes)BongSteerPike
Make your creatures happy and see pretty colours.
toy_hand.jpg (1091 bytes)Toy HandHand-shaped toy, occasionally confusing.
spike_eyeball.gif (1417 bytes)spike_penguin.gif (1862 bytes)spike_lava.gif (1269 bytes)
Spike Toys
My favourite toys made by the great SteerPike (my he rest in peace). namely the  Eye-ball, Penguin and Lava Lamp.
congas.jpg (1396 bytes)CongasFun drums for your creatures to thump rhythms upon.
saxophone.gif (1395 bytes)SaxophoneWailing blues tube.
music_harp.gif (3360 bytes) Music Pack1 Joe
Trumpet, harp and pianola extras

music_pianola.gif (4237 bytes)

Blue DrumBlue DrumMalkinAdds a new blue drum for percussional enjoyment.
music_drum.gif (1391 bytes) Music Pack2 TreeSprite
Extra drums and radio, the cobs also alter the existing drum and radio so they are carryable
ball.gif (1182 bytes)Toy Pack
Ball, Helicopter Toy, Jack-in-the-box, Robot & Top

toy_robot.gif (1740 bytes)   toy_heli.gif (1713 bytes)

tapeplay.gif (1430 bytes)Tape PlayerMartha BrummettAmusing tape player for near the shower. Plays YMCA, camp up those norns! 
Radio & Jukebox Upgrade Mark
Alters the music played by the Dukebox and Radio.
clock.gif (1869 bytes)Mutant ClockMakes the clocks activatable and make chimes.
bubble_wand.gif (1245 bytes)Bubble WandLets your creatures blow bubbles.