Food, Drink
fridge.gif (4003 bytes)


Picture Cob Creator Description
Paw Paw JuiceSpiritA powerful elixir, slows ageing and boosts health greatly. It also infused Vitamins C and E of unknown purpose.

Thanks go to GirlySatan for providing this lot gem.
beer_keg.gif (2510 bytes) Beer Keg Steve Dismukes A new vendor of alcohol in the basement,
comes with it's own glasses.
moon_chz.gif (3217 bytes)Moon Cheese ReplicatorA cool green cheese vendor, is replicates copies of tasty green moon cheese.
-Cheese Cheese Rows


Creates two rows of cheeses - garden & underground.,
chz_vend.gif (3267 bytes) Cheese Vendor SteerPike A machine that produces cheese.
twinkie_vendor.gif (3160 bytes)Twinkie Vendor
A machine that produces twinkies.
lemon_vendor.gif (3154 bytes)
Lemon Vendor
A machine that produces lemons.
tomato_vendor.gif (3297 bytes)Tomato VendorA machine that produces tomatoes, useful to help your creatures breed.
hooch_vendor.gif (3211 bytes)Hooch VendorThis vendor creates one-shot hooch cups.
pm_hooch.gif (932 bytes)Purple Mountain HoochMalkinContain Purple Mountain Alcohol, which only affects those with Life Kit genes, and can be refilled from the still.

honey.gif (1117 bytes)  hooch.gif (937 bytes)

Nutritious Food
?New type of Honey & Hooch that refill easily and have higher nutrients .

Improved Honey
VermidiaInspired by Jessica's updated fcarrots and lemons, this allows you to knowhow full your honey pots are
Honey Fill Honey Alexander Laemmle (Beowulf) Re-fills all empty honey pots in the world.
carrot_vendor.gif (4452 bytes)Hyper Carrot Vendor
A machine that produces carrots with the tops trimmed off.
-CoffeeCarrot VendorHoney Food+Drink Michael Shanley
(Dark Elf)
These cobs add extra instances of regular coffee, carrot dispensers and filled honey pots.
pink_lemonade.gif (4207 bytes)Pink Lemonade MachineSandra Linkletter (Slink)A conversion of the carrot vendor that vends tasty cooling pink lemonade in bottles for your creatures to drink, the empty bottles biodegrade upon being dropped.
scarrot.gif (1087 bytes)Strained CarrotsInstalls twelve jars of good vitamin C rich food.
(note vitamin does nothing in the game)
winefor2.gif (1373 bytes)Wine for TwoA wine bottle and two glasses for romantically inclined norns to share.

The glasses can then be refilled from the magically bottomless wine bottle.
Fridge- Fridge Mark Boehler The fridge is always full when you open it, as seen in the original tutorial for the game, this uses sprite left unused in the released game.
w_pump.jpg (2367 bytes)Water PumpWater vendors for the Island and the Jungle, I've  altered the locations slightly to avoid clashes with other cobs.
oven.jpg (5470 bytes)OvenFreyaAllows the oven to cook potatoes and produces food, I altered them to combine them into one cob. When activated, the Oven produces one of the following foods:
oven_bread.gif (987 bytes)    oven_cupcake.gif (1055 bytes)     oven_fruit.gif (1077 bytes)    oven_jelly.gif (1122 bytes)     oven_veg.gif (1327 bytes)
Bread, cup cake, fruit salad, grendel jelly or salad.
strawmilk.gif (2904 bytes)Strawberry Milkshake
Stefan KuskeDelicious and well drawn milkshake vendor.
cookingpot.gif (1385 bytes)Cooking Pot V2Creates a pot on top of the kitchen fire that produces  bowls of nutritious warming soup.

New version has improved graphics. The picture to the left is an old one.