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Picture Cob Creator Description
Ant Hill
Ant Hill Stefan Kuske Makes little ants that fetch food for the colony, if disturbed, stinging soldier ants are sent out.

Ants will eat honey, cheese, hooch and caterpillars.
duck.gif (1911 bytes)DuckWaddling, quacking pet for your creatures to play with.
spider.gif (3406 bytes)SpiderLives in the jungle and eats flies (not same place as wasps)
beehive.gif (2646 bytes)
Bees & Hives

Cyberlife Makes hives activatable, so the honey can also be drunk directly from them.

If hit they now release bees to fly about the world.
c_beetle.gif (1264 bytes)  
Carrot Beetle
Eats carrots and your norns can play with them or eat them.
cave_fly.gif (922 bytes)
Cave Flies
Hover in the jungle, their stings contain geddonase toxin, which is similar to glycotoxin but less severe. Only Ron, Forest and PMN norns are susceptible.
cloud_butterfly.gif (1594 bytes)
Cloud Butterfly
These pollinate flowers and their caterpillars eat Beelacanth fruit

they lay their eggs in the sky.
coco_crab.gif (1326 bytes) Coconut Crab Steve Dismukes Little edible critters that inhabit the island and eat coconuts. 
lit_bug.gif (1287 bytes)
Lightning Bug
A yellow bug that gives a little shock to curious creatures.
orn_fish.gif (1106 bytes) 
Ornamental Fish
Inhabits the tiny pond by the waterfall.
wasps.gif (2054 bytes)
Creates a hive on the grendel tree (not same place as spider)
cow.gif (3776 bytes) Cow Daniel Smallman Fills up milk bottles and loves to be petted, her name is Audmula, named after the cosmic cow of Norse legend.
frog.gif (2005 bytes)
Hatch in the moat beneath the garden, grow legs then crawl out in the jungle.

The adult frogs eat dragonflies, caterpillars, bees and cave flies.
crayfish.gif (1048 bytes)  
Spotling Pet and toy, but harmless despite the claws.
dfly1.gif (976 bytes) Dragon Fly Sandra Linkletter (Slink) Irritating pests that buzz all around Albia, there is also updated sprites.
roach.gif (981 bytes) 
These buggers crawl around the dank areas of Albia.
grubs.gif (879 bytes) Grubs Mark Boehler Grubs live underground and are edible, they use sprites from Cyberlife's Cloud Butterfly.

Hanging BatsUkokuThese cute little guys hang out in the Deathcap cave.
s_bfly.gif (1733 bytes) Scarlet Butterflies Freya Act just like the cloud butterflies but are big and red.

they are based on C2 sprites.
snail.gif (1040 bytes)  
Icepenguin Uses the scripts of the Duck, but the sprites of the C2 snail.
yellow_idae.gif (908 bytes)Yellow Idae Swarm
Yellow Idae
Dr mile Harmless yellow flies that hunt Cave Flies. I updated the remover  so that it removes both scripts.