Breeding Cobs

Below are the cobs relating to all aspects of fertility, reproduction and eggs.


ImageCob Date Description
Shee Crystal

One shee decided to leave behind a crystal that impregnates any female creature with Rainbow Shee embryos.
This was in case of severe population loss or to avoid the messiness of regular conception.
A small room is added for this cob, mainly a place to house the Shee Crystal to control shee populations!
Needs The Completed Shee breed to work properly.

Post-Mortem C-SectionDecember
I created this cob for a sad reason, but it was a resounding success and the baby was extracted without having to resort to cloning the genome!
I finally invented interspecies surragacy!
In a desperate attempt to increase my norn population, I used this cob to successfully impregnate a shee and two grendels witrh Feliz norns!!!
(requires editing to use proeprly)
Creature RecovererNovember
Although not exactly for breeding, this cob can be edited and used to reinsert lost creatures.
I made it in frustration for CGM not being compatible with the GOG version of Creatures.
(requires editing to use proeprly)
Statue of HerculesFebruary
The Statue of Hercules stands proudly atop the theatre, and blesses those creatures that touch him with virility, especially males.

Users can click the fig leaf if they wish to see a surprise.
spore ettinsSpore Ettins v2
Verison 3

(February 2022)
Version 2:
Automatically creates ettins when their population becomes small.
Version 3:
Spore Mother eats food and drinks hooch, creates sterile minim pairs, replaces Bean's ettins with Denali.
It uses Rainbow Feliz genome now

Grendel Mother
New Grendel Machine
Version 2.1
(November 2021)
(February 2022)
Pauses the old Grendel Mother and places a new one on top of her that vends up to nine multi-coloured breedable grendels.
You will need to have a Grendel World or use the Grendel Friendly cob for them to be able to breed though.
Updated v2: now uses Rainbow Feliz genome for more peaceful and sensible grendels. It now produces a blend of Updated and Frost grendels, so you best add them to your world first.

Updated v2.1:
Reduced number of grendels to 5 to give them sapce to breed, I also replaced targetting the grendel with creating a "birth" event.
Image by Erin
Advanced Breeders Device

This device is all you will ever need when breeding creatures. It scans the current creature, if it is too young or recovering from a pregnancy it does nothing but tell you as much.

If the norn is an adult male it injects it with sex drive and testosterone.

If it is an adult, non-pregnant female it injects it with oestrogen and sex drive. Lastly if the norn is a pregnant female, it extracts the baby.
super_clone.gif (1689 bytes)Super Norn ClonerAugust
Using this cob you can make norns of any breed. The genomes used for banana, fluffy, horse, PMN, forest, Ron and golden Santa norns were provided by Cyberlife. Slot 3 is the Santa project norns, slot 8 is the wood norns and slot 9 is the grorns. To see the breeds correctly you will need to install the appropriate breed pack whether it is a  third party or official one. It requires the Shief 2 to be installed as it occupies this new room.
It has been incorporated into the Icons cob
Advanced Breeders Kit
Image by Lee Gaiteri
Advanced Breeders Kit
Improved version of the set of cobs created by Lee Gaiteri.

I added my own Abortion, CSection2, Egg Booster, Egg Tester and Pregnancy Test cobs.

I also added the No-Eggs live birth cob, creator unknown.

August 2008: Added Egg Collector, which moves all norn eggs to the house.

Hatching nornEgg Opener
A new addition to the Advanced Breeding Kit. This cob will force any eggs existing in the world to expel their occupants as baby norns.
Useful for those rare damaged eggs that cannot hatch.

Any eggs that are "dud" and don't contain embryos will be tactfully removed.
Egg gender 
Egg Tester and Gender
Egg Tester checks the sex of unhatched norns, Egg Gender is a cob that you can use to choose the sex of unhatched babies.

Injecting it makes all eggs in the world hatch as males, removing it makes them all female.
Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Test
A simple cob to detect pregnancy in norns, it also detects if a creature is recovering from a pregnancy by monitoring blood gonadotrophin.
New eggC-Section 2
An adaptation of the C-section cob by Lee Gaiteri (LummoxJR), instead of extracting the foetus from the pregnant creature in the form of an egg, it removes the newborn baby instead. Note that this gives the baby less time to process instincts.
Macro Gregoid v1

Version 2



(August 2011)

This warty egg sac creates Macro Grendels. Macro grendels are a third of the size of regular Grendels, and this particular breed has dramatic sex-linked pigmentation. You will need to install the Macro Grendel Pack first, or the grendels will not look right.

The Basement should be installed first for it to work correctly, as this is the home of the Macro Grendel Gregoid. V2 fixes a few bugs and makes it work automatically to maintain their population.

This cob has been largely superceeded by Yggdrasil, which comes with it's own room, alcohol and better genetics.
A simple cob to remove any foetus within the selected norn.
If the norn is not in fact pregnant, it will tell you so.
Egg boost
Egg Booster
An adaptation of the Egg Starter cob. Instead of just making paused eggs begin hatching, it makes all eggs become fully grown and start hatching.
Anti Smooch
Image by Erin
Fixed Version of
The Pill

The original version of the pill was released as a faulty trial version, I have managed to fix it. Once every 60 seconds it scans each norn in turn, and if they are immortal (very high health)  then it injects them with gonadotrophin and sex drive decrease to effectively sterilize them.

As such it cannot differentiate between norns that have high health due to a cob /  infusion / program or an actual immortality mutation.

Consequently this cob is incompatible with certain functions of programs such as BORG, or "high health" cobs and infusions that raise the health above 80%.