Room & Environmental

This page contains all commands are related to the rooms of Albia.



room room# l t r b type Used to edit any existing room, or to create new rooms.
Set left, right, top and bottom to zero to effectively delete a room.
Type is the room's type: 0 = Indoors, 1 = Surface, 2 = Undersea
room room#  fact Provides you with information about a particular room.
 Room number is the code for each room, fact can be set to:
0 = room's left edge position
1 = room's right edge position
2 = room's top edge position
3 = room's bottom edge position
4 = room's type: (0 = Indoors, 1 = Surface, 2 = Undersea)
rms# The value of the number of current rooms in the world.
wind Wind speed/direction near target object (-3 to +3).
I'm not sure if this is actually used by the game.
temp Air temperature near target object (-3 to +3).
For example the house is quite warm and the garden is cooler.
gnd# The number of ground level data in the world.
gndw Number of pixels per ground datum.
grnd x Ground level at position x (worldx/groundw).