Pointer Values

These are values relating to various values defining what the current script is pointing to, and thus what will be affected by it.



targ The current target object, whether it be a creature, toy or any object within albia.
It can be altered by using the command "targ newtarg" where newtarg can be such values as ownr, catt, pntr etc.
ownr The owner of the current script (or creature if dde)
from The object leading to the activation of the current script (who the message is from)
This could even be the same as the owner of the current script.
norn The current target creature, whether it be norn, grendel, ettin or shee.
pntr The cursor / pointer object
attn The object that the current creature is paying attention to.
_it_ Object that the owner creature was paying attention to.
Note: only owner's _it_ can be determined, not the target's
carr Object that is carrying the owner. Will be set to 0 if it is not being carried
exec Object who executed the tool who owns this.
Returns (int)Exec;dde macro.
Note: only valid for DDE tools who *know* that they were executed by an object
edit The currently edited object, i.e the thing that has been picked up by shift-clicking an object, or placed in the hand by the "edit" command
objp A pointer to objects that will survive.
tokn XXXX Convert 4 characters into an integer.
Example: tokn 1234 integer '4321'